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Breed Club Under Attack

AKC clubbing parent breed clubs, forcing Breed Standard changes as animal rights sponsors ooze out politically correct agenda.



Before you hire a handler, do business with a breeder or admit someone to your dog club, check the world's first and only AKC Suspended RECORD instead of depending on gossip. Reference



Puppy Registration & Inventory Management Extranet - Secret software for pet shops. Reference


AKC Rescinds Secret Petland Contract breaks the story which results in AKC Judges Comment, Reader Rebellion, the Delegates outrage, Vanacor on Petland, and finally, victory! Reference




Archived AKC Board Minutes, Reports and Analysis.


AKC Tax Returns

FREE Insider look at the not-for-profit Board Of Directors and staff salaries vs. ever-increasing fees to the fancy!


AKC Salaries

2005 to 2010 Benefits Breakdown


AKC Salaries

2011 to 2013 Benefits Breakdown


AKC Salaries

2014 - current Benefits Breakdown


AKC IRS 990s Tax Returns Index


*Sometimes AKC Tax Records are not available until the following year or two due to filing extensions, etc...*

AKC 2000 Meeting With Hunte

World's Biggest Dog Registry & largest Puppy Mill broker meet in MO.


AKC 2002 Puppy Mill Alliance

Interview with HVBC chair Patti Strand sets the tone for acceptance...


AKC's 2006 Letter To Puppy Mills

Offers overnight handling, no late fees, a lead-up to PRIME in 2009?


AKC's 2010 Letter to Puppy Mills

(now HVB) offering special registration, services, fees and more...

DON'T LOOK AT STUD BOOK & PEDIGREE FRAUD!Pedigree Fraud & Stud Book Corruption

Exclusive coverage and irrefutable proof that AKC doesn't care about the stud book.  Case-by-case in-depth details on fraud involving a Bulldog judge, AKC's registration department manager, a Samoyed Club Officer, Canada's top Kuvasz breeder, Mastiffs and more... Reference


Legal Actions, Pending Litigation


AKC vs Judge George Boulton

Part 1 - The Trial; this may be the only case the AKC ever lost! Reference


Southwestern Trial Board Report and Findings

When AKC's own Trial Board ruled in Boulton's favor, AKC retaliated with... The first and only copy made public.


Then AKC sends a letter...

AKC's Peter Gaeta issues a letter to Mr. Boulton and his attorney responds.


The Defendant

Part 2 - So what happened?  You won't believe it!



Part 3 - AKC appoints its own Trail Board.

The Purloined Poodle

Feb. 2009 update takes you inside the 4-part case of Yes, WKC Group Winner, what AKC did to the owner and didn't do to the judge...  Reference

AKC Judging Dept 2008 Interview

Peter Gaeta, Director Of Judging Operations.

Registry Redacted

Ten Questions the VP of AKC refused to answer, a must-read report for AKC breeders! Reference

AKC Dog Club In Trouble

Parent club president Pritchard jeopardized the TFT club to near collapse.

Legal issues open our eyes to problems and how to prevent or resolve them.  If you have first-hand information on dog-related lawsuits,

The Mickelson Case

AKC investigates judge, leaks private letters pertaining to the case, and more...

Judge Fails To Measure, Punished by AKC

And you think you had it bad!


A chilling three-part investigation on Michael Wolf & Gordon Trottier, Mike-Mar Puppy Mill.  Top handler arrested, over 300 abused dogs rescued from AKC inspected, approved Mike-Mar puppy mill.  AKC Chairman defends policy, says they didn't know... a really stinky story! Reference

McDaniels/Martin Cases

AKC does nothing in horrifically documented (TV) Cruelty case. Learn why!

The "Bedlington Case"

Exclusive Interview with Joan Weiskopf. Considered "unresolved" by everyone except the AKC;  Four-Part Series reveals how AKC works. Reference

Handler Scandals

Involving Andrew Green (interview), Eric Salas.

The Jackie Stacy Story

No one is telling you, also judging fees, AKC and those pesky breed standards, Little Bird tells all.

AKC Canine Health Foundation Sued

Former officer wins case + $half million, all the details.


AKC Judge Sues AKC & Club Presidents

Dennis Sprung and ATFTC president Roger Pritchard respectively.

AKC Judge Bites Back! (Pt 1)

AKC Judge Phil Martin sues Sandy Teague for libelous comments on cyberdobes Doberman chat list for awarding a dog sired by Martin’s Philmar Doberman stud dog.


Civil Lawsuit (Pt 2)

AKC Doberman Judge Martin Files Civil Lawsuit Against Teague


Sandy Teague’s Apology (Pt 3)

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