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AKC vs Boulton - Part III



AKC vindictively suspends BIS Judge George Boulton after he was found NOT GUILTY by AKC's own Trial Board.


June 2006

Louis A. Fallon, AKC Historian & Legal Analyst


Summary: BIS dog show judge George Boulton appeared in the Spring 2005 mini TV series Showdog Moms & Dads. During the filming he answered the TV producers’ leading but casual questions about hypothetical dog show judges. His off-handed replies were cut-and-pasted out of context into the actual TV program which aired in March and April of 2005 and made to appear as if he was talking about specific dog show judges – which he was not.


The AKC filed charges against George Boulton which were heard by the AKC South West Trial Board on March 29-30, 2006 in Fullerton, CA. The Trial Board court spent 16 hours over 2 days listening to testimony, reviewing evidence and issued a written ruling that the burden of proof was not met and the AKC charges were not sustained. The AKC charges were ordered dismissed by the Trial Board court. By certified letter dated April 20, 2006 the AKC sent George Boulton the Trial Board court’s written decision and dismissal of charges.


Then in violation of the Double Jeopardy Clause of the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, the AKC brought the identical charges up at the May 8-9, 2006 AKC Board of Directors meeting and the AKC Board revoked George Boulton's judging approval license privileges for one year. George Boulton had spent $20,000.00 for a defense lawyer and brought in two witnesses from Florida to appear in southern California before AKC's own Trial Board. Then the AKC ignored the rule of law and revoked his judging approval for one year, on the same charges that the AKC Trial Board had examined and dismissed.


For the AKC Board to revoke George Boulton's judging privileges for one year is shameful, an action that usually only happens in a Banana Republic.


What is a Banana Republic? Today many people hear the words banana republic and think of the large chain clothing stores which features apparel and accessories for men and women. People think of a banana republic clothing store as a place where you can outfit yourself for an African safari or a day at the local beachfront.


A Banana Republic is a bad place to be in. The expression banana republic started out as a slang pejorative term for a small, often Latin American or Caribbean country, which is ruled by a small and corrupt clique of people. Over time the expression has been expanded to include a backward dictatorial, generally unstable regime where corruption is rife, elections are often fraudulent, and the concept of the rule of law is ignored or trampled.


The phrase banana republic was coined by American humorist and short story writer O. Henry, (1862-1910) in reference to the country of Honduras. ‘Republic’ in his time was often a code word for a dictatorship, while ‘banana’ implied a reliance on basic agriculture and backwardness in the development of industrial technology. As you know, animal husbandry, the breeding of animals and related matters are extensions of agriculture. The Banana Republic Kennel Club is run by a dictatorial junta that struts around exaggerating its own power and importance, often at its winter dog show in a warm climate. The Banana Republic Kennel Club people, staff and field representatives wear the epaulettes of a banana republic generalissimo which are of considerable size, usually portrayed in satire with a pair of mops.


In modern usage the term banana republic is used to describe a dictatorial regime where the rule of law and human rights are disregarded in favor of other more important pressures. The influence may be political or economic or both, but the point is that a banana republic is controlled or heavily influenced by a foreign corporation, either directly or through their government. The same way that the Banana Republic Kennel Club would tell its 5,000 affiliated dog clubs and 3,300 dog show judges what to do and when to do it.


It was in the Latin American country of Honduras that the United Fruit Company (1899–1970) and the Standard Fruit Company (now re-named Dole Food Company) traded tropical fruit, bananas and pineapples grown in third world plantations and sold in the United States and Europe. Historians often accused the companies of exploitative neocolonialism and described it as the classic example of the influence of a large corporation involved in the internal politics of a country it had turned into a banana republic. The historians and critics correctly point out that the countries were getting along just fine until the big corporation decided to change a happy little country into one of their banana republics. One might compare them to the Banana Republic Kennel Club affiliated dog clubs. They are influenced by the big banana, who sends out a hack, a tired worn out former professional dog handler that has probably never been a member of a dog club and has no idea how a real dog club operates but whose job is to oversee dog shows with the title of field representative generalissimoto.


The field generals and their equivalent in-house staff wearing the big Banana Republic Kennel Club generalissimoto epaulettes tell long term experienced dog show chairman and dog show judges what to do and when to do it. Dog show judges with twenty, thirty or more years of experience are now second guessed, outranked by the field representative and in-house staff generalissimoto strutting around with their staff titles and field representative powers. Dog show judges can have their dog show judging license approval revoked; they can be placed on probation or terminated without any notice or judicial hearing. Suddenly you “got no legal rights” as an American citizen, you only got what the big Banana Republic Kennel Club says you got, what it wants to give you.


The Octopus was the nickname of the United Fruit Company, so named for its willingness to involve itself in banana republic politics, sometimes violently. In 1910 one of their United Fruit Company field representatives Mr. Sam Zemurray hired a gang of armed roughnecks from New Orleans to help stage a political coup in Honduras in order to obtain beneficial treatment from the new government for his own banana trading company. The big Banana Republic Kennel Club Board of Directors thought that was a good idea and filed it away into its corporate culture.


Banana Republic Kennel Club - By extension, the word banana republic can be applied to governments or organizations where a group with power hands out appointments and advantages to henchmen and supporters, without any consideration for American concepts. If hardworking attorneys in the South West Trial Board spend 16 hours over 2 days time hearing a trial board court case against a BIS dog show judge named George Boulton and determined that the charges are not sustained and dismissed the charges - so what. The big Banana Republic Kennel Club fondly remembers Chicago gangster Al Capone (1899-1947) who is quoted as saying “I am above the law” and “You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone”.


Let’s take dem guys for a one way ride. Quoting from the May 8-9, 2006 AKC Board of Directors meeting, regarding:
Trial Board Structure and Procedures. The Board discussed a staff proposal for changes to the current Trial Board Structure. It involved reducing the number of regional Trial Boards from six to four, having regional alternates rather than an At-Large Pool, and having a separate performance Event Trial Board. This, in addition to Trial Board appointments, will be discussed further in July.


Translation: the AKC South West Trial Board members who voted to dismiss the charges against George Boulton are to be terminated with extreme prejudice, given a one-way swimming lesson in the Pacific Ocean with cement overshoes.


To paraphrase the words of the big Banana Republic Kennel Club generalissimoto staff; Hey, anybody what don’t agree with what I say, when I say it, will be privileged to get a big fat banana shoved you know where by the big Banana Republic Kennel Club, uh, delivered by dat gangster Tony Soprano and his crew. EST 2002 © 0606



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