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The FIRST and ONLY compiled record of American Kennel Club charges, penalties, fines, and suspensions.


AKC SUSPENDED INDEX: The first (1999) and ONLY historical source of AKC suspensions, penalties, reprimands. Search American Kennel Club records by person's name, state, charges, or penalty.


Has a person ever been suspended by AKC? If so, for what offense? Such records should be available to dog owners and potential buyers but the AKC Director of Compliance said they could not/would not verify whether a person was or had ever been AKC suspended.


So in early 1999 began keeping AKC Suspended records as published in the (then print) AKC Gazette. In 2001 the Insider Index section of the released the first compiled record of American Kennel Club suspensions, fines and penalties and continues that service today.


NOTE: Any other source that provides such records would have stolen them from what has grown into


April 2024 Suspensions


Before you do business with a breeder or handler, check to see if they have seriously violated AKC rules or dog show decorum. To access suspensions for previous months/years, PLUS AKC Board business, salaries and other Insider Information, you must become an Insider Subscriber click here.


6 Months to 5 Years  ~  10 Years


15 Years to Lifetime Suspension is not responsible for errors or omissions. AKC penalties may change or be rescinded by Appeal or Trial Board. If you have any questions, contact AKC. EST 2002 02/10/2002 rev2503