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MARCH 2024


The first (1999) and ONLY compiled source of AKC suspensions, penalties and reprimands. Search American Kennel Club records by person's name, state, charges, or penalty.


The American Kennel Club Secretary acknowledged that our records are more complete and searchable than AKC's own records. is not however responsible for errors, omissions, nor for any corrections AKC may make after a person has been suspended. If you have any questions regarding Suspended Records, contact the AKC Secretary.


If you do not find the person you are looking for in this month's listing, see "Previous" compiled links below. To QUICK-FIND a person by name, charges, penalty or keyword, on a computer press Ctrl key and the letter F, then type in the name or keyword.  On mobile devices see ii "find" functions for your "find" command.




April 2024 AKC Disciplinary Action Report

At its February 2024 meeting, the American Kennel Club Board of Directors suspended the judging privileges of Iva Kimmelman for a period three months effective March 14, 2024, and imposed a fine of $100.00 for Inappropriate comments on social media/public forums promoting or criticizing dogs or individuals, or that bring embarrassment to the AKC. Suspension not mentioned in February 2024 Board Meeting Minutes


Mr. Michael Mayhew (Orlando, FL). Action was taken by the Space Coast Kennel Club of Palm Bay for conduct at its November 5, 2023 event. Mr. Mayhew was charged with inappropriate, + abusive, or foul language. The Staff Committee reviewed the Event report and set the penalty as a one month event suspension and a $500 fine. (Multiple Breeds)


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