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TheDogPress is the world's only searchable public record for AKC Board Members contact info, Meeting Minutes, AKC suspensions, elections, insight and analysis since 1999.


Please note:  The Delegates meet with the Board in March, June, September and December so no Board Minutes are listed for those months. Full AKC Board Minutes are now in PDF format (get Adobe Acrobat Reader)


January 2024 AKC Minutes


Curious about people listed as Suspended from AKC?


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TheDogPress is the only such resource.  Period.  AKC records are a treasure chest of history, mystery and reference, and our data collection is unique.  Learn first-hand how AKC Director Salaries relate to the non-profit American Kennel Club's reported loss of revenue and ever-increasing fees for dog owners and clubs. 


Did you know The AKC Mission Statement shifts focus to ALL dogs, including non-purebred dog events and their bottom line?


Current American Kennel Club Executive Officers:

President & Chief Executive Officer: Dennis B. Sprung | Executive Secretary: Gina M. DiNardo | Chief Financial Officer: Theodore Phillips


Current American Kennel Club Officers & Board Members: Elected March 2023

Dr. Thomas Davies, Chairman of the Board, Dominic P. Carota, Vice Chairman of the Board, Joan Corbisiero, Professional Registered Parliamentarian, and Shari Cathey, Court Reporter


Class of 2024: Elected March 2020 at Annual meeting

AKC Class of 2025: Elected March 2021 at Annual meeting

AKC Class of 2026: Elected March 2022 at Annual meeting

AKC Class of 2027: Elected March 2023 at Annual meeting EST 2002 © Jul 2023





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