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Part 4 - 2009 Westminster Group win interviews breeder of the black Standard Poodle bitch Westminster 2009 Group Winner "stolen" and pimped by prominent judge…


February 11, 2009 | TheDogPress Club News

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief


The sordid story of the black Standard Poodle bitch known to millions as "Yes!"owned by long time Poodle fanciers, Martin and Toni Sosnoff.  Background: "Yes" was bred by Randy Garren, Dennis McCoy, Joe and Joan Lacey. Incredibly, the owners consistently omit Joan Lacey's name as breeder when advertising or making entries. When you learn the back story {Part 1} which involves two prominent judges and New York City's "Rich and Famous," you will understand the unbelievable situation in which Joan Lacy finds herself on the day of Westminster Best In Show competition.


On Monday night, the Poodle that Joan Lacey created at great emotional sacrifice and expense, won the Non-Sporting Group at the most prestigious and glamorous dog show in America.


Actually, every dog Joe and Joan Lacey have ever bred has won the Group at Westminster! Who else can say that?


Handled by talented Timothy Brazier, Ch. Randenn Tristar Affirmation strutted her stuff and she was nothing short of amazing. Head and tail held high, she was as proud and "poodley" as a poodle can be. The handler had only to guide the Standard Poodle as she posed to perfection and led him at full extension around the ring. All the hours of training, conditioning and grooming came together in a spectacular package that shouted "YES!!!"


How does the co-breeder and former owner of Ch. Randenn Tristar Affirmation feel about her dog's incredible success? "It was bitter sweet." said Joan Lacey. "On the one hand, I wanted her to win because she deserves it and on the other hand, it takes me back four years ago to when I realized she was a dog that show people would die to get their hands on. Now I watch her on television, so full of herself, just like her mother sitting beside me, and I realize why this happened."


Joan pauses, thoughtfully, then sighing, "It doesn't matter who owns her now, she was destined to do this."


What about tonight? Can she go Best In Show? "The newspaper has her at 16 to 1 odds" says Joan. "The Giant Schnauzer is at 20 to 1 so Yes could do it."


What time will the New York Post will be there to do the interview and photo shoot? "The Editor said 3:30. I have to trust they will do the story right and not make it smeary. It is just a wonderful story about a breeding from frozen semen that had zero to one odds, and then getting one puppy, and would she would turn out? "Yes" is a success story and all I want is credit as her breeder. You know I'm not vindictive, the Post story is about Yes."


Assured The Post will treat the story as stipulated, Joan muses, "I hope so, when he (the reporter) read it on TheDogPress, he said it was a 'hot story' but he promised me again it would be as we agreed."


Joan asks if the Post editor has called me back to which I reply "Not yet, he said it would be later tonight. He's busy on the floor at the Garden."


Do you hope she wins Best In Show tonight? "Oh of course I do. She deserves to win, Tim deserves the win. We'll see tonight."


So how did the Purloined Poodle come to be? Why are the former owners of Yes, her breeders of record, omitted as co-breeders in the extensive ad campaign? How was she stolen? How could an intelligent television and business entrepreneur be duped as easily as a starry-eyed teenager?


It's a $30,000 scam, the loss of a "one in a million" show dog. Much more than a "co-ownership dispute" Joan reveals the corruption in what she thought was a glamorous "sport of dogs."


One interesting thing remains. Joan Lacey owns semen from the top winning dog, Ch. Eaton Affirmed, sire of Ch. Randenn Tristar Affirmation. Joan still owns Yes's dam, she could repeat the breeding. Will she? Read the background and the answer to that will be clear.


Why did Yes not go Best In Show? What did the handler say in the NY Times interview about Snapper's frozen semen? Will Joan sell her straws? All this and other articles you'll find nowhere else!


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