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Cause & Paws For A New Year

Reputable breeders can only have one litter a year or else...


Cause & Paws For A New Year! It seems that reputable breeders only have one litter a year or else they are a puppy mill.


ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar

Suppressed solution for canine or human bladder problems!


ACV: Apple Cider Vinegar - Herbal and plant-based healing was recorded on the Egyptian Eber’s Papyrus circa 1500 B.C.


America's Firearms And Dogs

Pro Sharpshooter on Bird Dogs, Hounds and Metropolitans…


America's Firearms and Dogs: Rifles and dogs go together. Bird Dog owners prefer 22 caliber, Hound owners seek bigger game and use heavier caliber rifles. Metropolitans prefer pistols…


Postal Warnings, Prions, Dog Sports

NewsNips takes a bite out of three serious subjects...


Postal Warnings, Prions, Dog Sports: NewsNips on infectious prions disease, postal warning to dog owners and more...



Start 2022 off smart! Show-Whelping crates for small to medium-size breeds.


2 collapsible, hard plastic crates by Nylabone. Great for whelping small breed dogs. Click to email BJ@ToyFoxTerriersOBJ.com to purchase.


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Dog Shows And The COVID Era

What to do if and when dog shows open up in 2022 and pups are now adults!



Dogs, Eighth Wonder Of The World

We added the dog, the most universally beloved animal, what would YOU add?


DOGS, EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD: To this child’s list of the Seven Wonders Of The World, we added the dog as the most universally beloved animal on earth, what would YOU add to this list?


Do You See The Ordinary Dog?

Dr. Lee’s column on dogs as a gift from God got my attention...



Hand Of God On New Years

A dog in the dark, bloody feet, no teeth, a little broth... and the hand of God.


Hand Of God and an Old Blanket - Becky Loyd


Christmas In A Kennel

Start the new year off right, order John Davidson's collection of short stories.



Menu For Meat Eaters: Send us your dog food recipes and you may win

$cash or other prizes, email Contest@TheDogPress.com



Gifting Your Givers

When giving this year, remember those who protect you as crime rates soar.



Monoclonal Antibodies For COVID-19

Haven’t hear about monoclonal antibodies for COVID?



Caring For Your New Dog

Dr. Lee helps you care for your dog with easy but important advice.



The Cab Ride

Most drivers would just honk, wait a minute, then drive away, but...


THE CAB RIDE: The cab arrived at 2:30 a.m., the building was dark except for a single light... this story will stay with you all year.  Don't thank us, just offer someone a ride...


AKC Suspensions!

Before you do business with someone or trust them with your dog, don't depend on gossip, look them up. You might even want to look up a judge!


AKC SUSPENDED INDEX: The first (1999) and ONLY historical source of AKC suspensions, penalties, reprimands. Search American Kennel Club records by person's name, state, charges, or penalty.


AKC Minutes

The NetPlacesNetwork is the FIRST and ONLY source for searchable American Kennel Club records, from 1999 to current.



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