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Highlights of the April 2018 Board Meeting


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In Executive Session, the following Executive Officers were re-elected: Dennis B. Sprung, President/CEO - Joseph V. Baffuto, Jr., Chief Financial Officer, and Gina M. DiNardo, Executive Secretary who has served in the interim since James Crowley retired.


Jim Crowley joined the AKC in 1971 in the Events department, was the committee chairman for the historic 1984 AKC Centennial Show, and joined the board as AKC Secretary in 1993.  This editor can say without reservation that he was one of the most congenial, capable, and well respected Board Members of all time.  I always felt that Jim Crowley was my friend and to his credit, I believe everyone he served felt exactly the same way.


Gina DiNardo, beautiful daughter of senior AKC Judge Tony DiNardo, grew up in the sport and will be a credit to her family and her predecessor.


The American Kennel Club is a non-profit organization but needs money to support its many programs, one of which, is called SurveyMonkey Contribute. This allows online survey takers to select a pre-registered charitable program such as The AKC Humane Fund and, for each survey that the user completes, $.50 is donated to the selected charity. What the survey-taker gets out of the deal is not explained but in just one year, "the Humane Fund has received $25,829, making this most definitely a worthwhile partnership."


Income through March 31 was $18.6 million, "4% below budget, but 4% greater than 2017".  Of that, 160,138 Dog Registrations were processed and Total Litters were 62,677, registered.


See Current AKC Board Meeting Minutes for information on Legislation and "tethering" and "pet imports" plus Temperament Test Title, Scent Work, Achiever Dogs, a Puppy of Achievement pilot program, Trick Dogs and people recognitions. To find any of these subjects, go to the Current Board Meeting and use the "find" command explained at the top of the page. EST 2002 © 1805


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