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Calling All AKC Exhibitors!


The January AKC Board Minutes covered same classes for Mixed Breeds (Designer Dogs) and Purebreds, cloned dogs registration, lower numbers for new FSS breeds, and PUPs legislation.  The Dog Press would like your feedback.  Just click "Yes" or "No" to Agree or Disagree.  Feel free to comment, but please keep it short.

Dennis Flye TheDogPress 03|04|10 -  I'm not in the show world but I see what is said .  My comments are my own but the editor said I should ask for your input.  I wondered why anyone would support an AKC that takes in $60 million a year but doesn't seem to fight for the breeders or the dogs when it comes to bad dog legislation?  Talking about something isn't the same as doing it.

To me it looks like AKC thinks it's OK to have mutts mixed in with purebreds, one step from Designer Dog classes... And coming from a background in livestock, I understand how important a plentiful gene pool is to the health and fertility of farm animals.


I have extracted verbatim from the Minutes.  I will tabulate your votes and comments and we will report back to you later this month. 

#1 AKC Canine Partners – Competition at AKC Events, Dr. Davies presented ... the idea of expanding Canine Partners by removing some of the restrictions placed on it. Many clubs have been reluctant to undertake the logistics of conducting two separate sets of classes for purebred dogs and mixed-breed dogs. A number of All-Breed clubs have also expressed an interest in the program and would like the option of including mixed-breed dogs in their Companion events. AKC Management sought the input from the Delegate Obedience, Tracking and Agility Committee. All eleven members of the committee unanimously supported removing the restriction which limited mixed-breed competition to stand-alone events. Eight out of the eleven supported having purebred and mixed breed dogs competing in the same classes for the same awards and titles. Following a lengthy Board discussion, the Board felt it appropriate that in response to our constituency we could enhance the program based on each club being given the choice to offer these classes.

There was a motion by Dr. Davies, seconded by Mr. Kalter, and it was VOTED (affirmative: Dr. Davies, Mr. Kalter, Mrs. Schaefer, Mrs. Strand, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Menaker, Mr. Goodman, Mr. Ashby, Mr. Marden, Dr. Smith; opposed: Dr. Haines, Dr. Newman, Dr. Battaglia) to consider the matter at this meeting, waiving the usual prior notice requirement. There was a motion by Dr. Smith, seconded by Mrs. Schaefer, to divide the question.

This motion failed with the VOTE (affirmative: Dr. Smith, Mrs. Schaefer, Dr. Newman, Dr. Haines, Dr. Battaglia, Mr. Menaker; opposed: Mr. Goodman, Mr. Marden, Mr. Ashby, Mrs. Strand, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Kalter, Dr. Davies).

There was a motion by Dr. Davies, seconded by Mr. Kalter and it was VOTED (affirmative: Dr. Davies, Mr. Kalter, Dr. Smith, Mr. Ashby, Mr. Arnold, Mrs. Strand, Mrs. Schaefer, Dr. Battaglia, Mr. Menaker, Mr. Goodman, Mr. Marden; opposed: Dr. Haines, Dr. Newman) to:

1. Remove the requirement that there be separate classes for mixed-breed dogs.

2. Award the same titles to all dogs competing in AKC Companion Events.

3. Permit any club holding an AKC Obedience, Rally, or Agility trial to accept entries for mixed-breed dogs enrolled in the Canine Partners Program. This would be at the club’s option, and would apply to both stand-alone events and events held in conjunction with dog shows.

Is this the plan to mix mutts and purebreds, how will anyone (spectators) know the difference between purebred dogs and mutts in the beginning? I feel, eventually the mutts will be the purebreds.

Yes, No,
I agree with AKC's Canine Partners - mixed breeds in classes with purebreds. I Disagree, this opens the door for designer dog breeds in AKC shows.

#2 Registration of Cloned Dogs The Board discussed a request to register the clone of an AKC registered Labrador Retriever. The Board reviewed the input of the Scientific Health and Welfare Advisory Committee and the Labrador Retriever Club as well as material submitted by the owner.

There was a motion by Mr. Kalter, seconded by Mrs. Strand, and it was VOTED (unanimously) to consider the matter at this meeting, waiving the usual notification requirements. Following a motion by Mr. Kalter, seconded by Dr. Smith, it was VOTED (unanimously) to deny the request to register cloned dogs. It was pointed out that the dog, if neutered, would be eligible to obtain a PAL and to compete in AKC Companion Events.  This will be considered for a vote at the February 2010 Board meeting.

Yes, No,
I agree, register cloned dogs with AKC. I Disagree with registering cloned dogs.

#3 FSS Guidelines. The Board discussed a Staff recommendation to amend the Foundation Stock Service Guidelines with regard to number of dogs with three-generation pedigrees that must be enrolled in order to request Miscellaneous class Status. Staff is recommending the enrollment requirement be lowered from a minimum of 300-400 dogs to a minimum of 150-200 dogs with complete three-generation pedigrees in the AKC Foundation Stock Service to be eligible to request Miscellaneous Class status once a Parent Club has been selected for the breed. This will be considered further at the February 2010 meeting.

Yes, No,
I agree to lowering FSS pedigrees. I Disagree with lowering FSS pedigrees.

#4 Federal “PUPS” legislation. The staff gave the Board an update on the status of federal legislation aimed at restricting dog breeding under the federal Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act (PUPS).

That’s it?  AKC will only Educate not help fight against bad legislation.  They are leaving it up to individual groups to put out their money and time to fight legislation that affects even the small hobby dog breeders?  I thought AKC is supposed to be about pure bred dogs and represent the interests of good breeders.

Yes, No,
It's OK that AKC just Educates & Updates on proposed bills. AKC should help fight (financially) against bad legislation.


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