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He wrote to AKC several times but says the response he received was that he would have to file formal charges and then go to a Trial Board in NJ.  His schedule did not permit that and he trusted AKC to investigate.


When nothing happened, Collier decided to go to a show where Green was competing to personally compel an apology to his wife.  He describes the incident for which he was fined $1,000 and suspended from show privileges for 90 days.


“I approached Mr. Green this weekend at Syracuse and told him in an angry tone that I was tired of his antics and that he would have to apologize to my wife. I'm angry and livid that he feels he can treat my family like this. I told Mr. Green's wife I wanted to speak with her husband and she should let him know this. I thought maybe Andrew would be courteous enough to come over and say the simple words "I am sorry". Before Mr. Green entered the ring I approached him and told him it was time to take care of unfinished business and requested an apology. Was I angry at the time? You bet I was! Four years this has been simmering and during those four years he continued the harassment to my wife!


“A woman jumped forward into my space shoving her phone in my face and threatened me and told me she was going to call 911. At the time my exchange was toward Andrew in a very passionate manner. I had no clue who she was, to me she was sticking up for Andrew. She was in no way helping matters. In fact the anger intensified due to her not introducing herself; she just plain jumped in my face with a very harsh attitude. I told her to stick the phone up her ass!


This artless confession was followed by the unfounded belief that AKC would take an unbiased position.  “The AKC rep was Patty Proctor who from what I understand has a reputation of having a short fuse and lack of control over her venues based on what handlers say behind the scene. You may want to have a closer look at Ms Proctor.


“In fact please take a closer look at me …  Just go to (or) to


Polite logic: “The solution for an easy resolve would either be a written apology from Mr. Green to AKC for his insubordinate behavior and also a legitimate letter to my wife. I also feel a long term suspension of Andrew Green by AKC would force him to reflect on his argumentative, confrontational, belligerent personality traits. He is in serious need of behavior modification.


“If Andrew is going to insist on threatening my wife then I will have to be at every show just to make sure he does not physically assault her…  Maybe a restraining order will need to be made? In fact the very next day after my testy incident with Andrew Green he glared continuously at my wife and spit his bait onto the ground at her while in the ring! Exactly twenty four hours later! His behavior is just plain reckless any way you cut it!


“I understand that he has had a behavior record in the past and many past transgressions with handlers and judges. I am under the impression that he has been what AKC calls benched because of behavioral issues. … Today in the national news media there was a story about nine high school girls that were arrested for "taunting" a fellow class mate that ultimately led to her suicide. Andrew Green is the king of TAUNTING my wife. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!


“In closing I feel confident that a fine organization like AKC will not let this matter escalate any further. I look forward to a quick resolution to this matter.”




Palmer Fisk Collier III


Collier explained that he went to the Syracuse “show table” and asked them to “do something about Andrew Green” but was told the AKC Rep Patti Proctor was the one with the authority.  Unfortunately, he failed to seek out Ms. Proctor before bracing Green at ringside.  He said Proctor called the sheriff and he waited for the deputy to arrive, then went outside and chatted amicably with him while waiting for his ride.


Was he “benched”?  No.  Experienced exhibitors will wonder why.  Collier said he received a call from Jack Norton, Director of Compliance, in which Norton “threatened” him about what could happen if he showed his dog.  Collier said he explained that he had no dog to show, etc. and laughed it off.  We could not confirm that with Mr. Norton.


He has received notification of a $1,000 fine and 90 day suspension.  [5]  Somehow we don’t think that bothers Palmer Collier.


Collier summed things up this way.  “I feel justice was not done. I could very well hold a grudge over an unresolved issue. Yes, I did the right thing and took the high road.  I expected a positive outcome. The sad news did not favor my family.  Think about it - AKC has now added insult to injury! No, I'm not satisfied with AKC's verdict.”


“AKC had a responsibility to mend this situation and did not.”


We called Jack Norton for verification and/or clarification on facts as represented in this coverage.  He politely refused, saying “I can’t talk to the press.. all press inquiries must go through the communications department.” I reminded Jack that TheDogPress is always fair but beyond that, I personally make every effort to present AKC in a good light.  He could not dispute that.  When I said that AKC makes it difficult to balance coverage from AKC’s perspective, there was only silence.  I observed that this one looks bad for AKC, to which he repeated that he could not comment but he offered to transfer my call to Lacy Peterson, Communications.  As expected, she was unavailable so I left a message and as has been the case since TheDogPress became the #1 news source, no one has called.


Unlike Palmer Collier, we don't expect much from today's AKC.  Glenn Beck fans will understand if I allude to the red phone that never rings.


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[5] AKC's ironic reason for suspending Palmer Collier! - The suspension was for his "conduct in connection with North Country Kennel Clubs April 3, 2010 event. Mr. Collier was charged with abusive or foul language/verbal altercation." The Event Committee set the event suspension at 3 months fined the husband $1000, effective July 13, 2010


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