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More on AKC and the Irish Red and White Setters


Mark Atkins and Greg Williams each write compellingly as to the plight of their Red and White setters. I too owned a dog which lost his AKC/FSS status. Many individuals, alone and as a group, fought long and hard to get these dogs into the gene pool (registered) in the US.


October 2006 | TheDogPress

Chris James


Much was written about the AKC representative who told the R&W breeders and owners the dogs would be accepted after meeting the three generation status. But did we interpret her words accurately? Could the information have been inadvertently distorted once it left her office? Did she fully understand the pedigrees involved? Was she in a position to make 'final' determination?


More importantly, no matter what information was put forth, those interested in this beautiful antique breed need to understand the clubs of the world (including the breed club in Ireland) were adamantly against the inclusion of the questioned pedigrees. There was the ever present possibility that we would end up with Irish Red and White Setters of the US registries, and Irish Red and White Setters of the world registries -- basically isolating the US dogs from the world wide gene pool. Read English Cocker Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel.


Whether or not the AKC made mistakes during the recognition process; or the Irish Red and White Setter Club of America made mistakes in the stud book; or the Irish Red and White Setter Association made mistakes in influencing the AKC is irrelevant. The AKC made the right decision in the end. They kept the world gene pool as one.


None of this is a reflection on the dogs which were left out. Wonderful dogs, far more often than not, indistinguishable from the accepted dogs. These dogs have a home in the UKC, effectively creating an American Red and White Setter (or a UKC IRWS). The breeders will have access to the worldwide gene pool of IRWS while they strive to ever improve the breed under the auspices of the UKC's total dog philosophy.


Can you picture the future of the Red and White grudge matches?


Introduction and History:

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Another Viewpoint regarding the Irish Red and White Setters by Chris James

Well written documentary on a new AKC breed whose long history is in jeopardy.  For those who have followed this situation with AKC, here is amazing background.  Impartially presented, it comes across as solid fact on a breed that should not be diluted nor changed on the whim of current AKC policy or people.




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