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The AKC Chairman's Report - JULY 2011

--  AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days Are Key to Public Education --


This September hundreds of free community events for dog lovers across the country will participate in the ninth annual AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days. The AKC will host its flagship event in Raleigh, NC on Saturday, Sept. 24th. We welcome AKC clubs, Canine Good CitizenŽ evaluators, rescue groups, dog trainers, vet clinics and all other dog-loving groups to join us in making this year the biggest month-long celebration yet! If you haven't already, I urge you to sign-up your club or organization for an event.


An AKC RDO Days event can be as simple as manning a public education table at your show or trial or as involved as creating a day-long fair, offering Canine Good CitizenŽ testing or running an AKC Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR) microchip clinic. Visit for more suggestions.


The first 500 groups that sign-up at by August 1, 2011 will receive an event listing on the AKC website as well as a materials kit that includes giveaways like pencils, stickers and brochures and a publicity packet filled with ideas to promote your event locally. We have hundreds of events from coast to coast already signed up.


We've also added a new tool to the materials kit this year - the updated "Welcome to the American Kennel Club" brochure. This public friendly brochure highlights AKC's good works and the great programs we have available to all dogs and will assist your club in its public education and outreach efforts.


The brochure explains how to find a puppy through AKC's Breeder Referral Services and Online Breeder Classifieds as well as how to find a training club, get started in the Canine Good CitizenŽ and S.T.A.R. Puppy programs or enroll a mixed-breed dog in the AKC Canine Partners program.


AKC CAR pet recovery services, the AKC Canine Health Resource Center, AKC's kennel inspections program and more are featured in a section about how AKC works to keep our canines happy and healthy. Registering your puppy helps the AKC and its affiliates do so many things for dogs everywhere. The brochure also shines a spotlight on the proud work the American Kennel Club does through its affiliates: the AKC Canine Health Foundation, AKC Humane Fund and AKC CAR Canine Support and Relief Fund and how the public can donate to support those efforts.


Lastly, the back of the brochure is an engaging "Save This Page" cut out with places for important dog information and phone numbers as well as a fun Dog Age Calculator chart converting your dog's age into human year equivalents. Owners can easily secure this page, which also contains AKC's contact info and social media places, on their refrigerators with their favorite dog-themed magnet.


We believe this brochure will help support the wonderful education work you're already doing with the public, legislators, schools and more. Thank you for your continued efforts! If you register for AKC RDO Days, you'll receive 25 free copies of "Welcome to the American Kennel Club" or you can order additional copies of the GAINF3 brochure at



Ron Menaker



AKC Board Of Directors Meeting - July 2011

AKC no longer furnishes "highlights" but everyone likes a quick read so...

The Dog Press presents excerpts from the Secretary's Page and/or Board Minutes

  • Executive Session - Discuss legal issues

  • AKC Government Relations Update Sheila Goffe, AKC Staff, participated in this portion of the meeting via video conference. Staff provided an update on canine legislation and the Government Relations Department’s (GR) activity pursuant to the department’s mission of education and informing responsible dog owners and breeders about legislative issues that impact them. As of June 20, AKC GR is tracking approximately 1,100 bills at the state and federal levels and approximately 90 bills at the local level. GR gave an update on the Federal PUPS Legislation. Staff reported on two major new outreach/educational initiatives for 2011, downloadable narrated educational PowerPoint programs for AKC club meetings and other groups seeking educational programs about canine legislation; and the AKC Legislative Conference to be held August 27 – 28 in Raleigh, NC.

  • Judging Fees - There was a discussion on providing judges with the opportunity to list their fees on the AKC Online Directory as a service to clubs. A poll was taken and a majority of the Board were in favor of having judging fees included in the directory. The August letter to judges will provide them an opportunity to list their fee if they choose.

  • “In Good Standing” The Executive Secretary reviewed AKC’s definition of “in good standing” with the American Kennel Club. There are a number of AKC privileges which may be suspended including Registration, participation in events and judging approval. A person may be suspended from any one of these AKC privileges while maintaining other privileges. The question is whether “good standing” should be defined as having any AKC privileges or as having all AKC privileges. This will be considered further at the August 2011 meeting.

  • Appeals Committee - Dr. Newman gave the report of the Appeals Committee (Dr. Newman, Chair, Mr. Arnold, and Ms. Scully). The AKC Board of Directors, at its May 2011 meeting, suspended the judging privileges of Ms. Kristina J. Sherling for two months and fined her $500 for infractions of The American Kennel Club’s Rules, Policies and Guidelines for Conformation Dog Show Judges, specifically as they relate to exhibiting improprieties. Ms. Sherling appealed this decision, and the Appeals Committee voted to deny this appeal, with her suspension effective July 22, 2011.

  • JUDGING OPERATIONS - Darrell Hayes, and John Wade, AKC Staff, participated in this portion of the meeting via video conference.

    Rules Applying to Dog Shows – Chapter 7, Section 1

    The Board reviewed a proposal submitted by Colorado Springs Kennel Club to amend Chapter 7, Section 1 of Rules Applying to Dog Shows to permit anyone selling dog food – including full time sales reps – to be eligible to apply for judge’s approval. Following a motion by Mr. Gladstone, seconded by Dr. Davies, it was VOTED (unanimously) to consider the matter at this meeting, waiving prior notice requirement, and to disapprove the proposal.

    Printed Judges Directory

    The Staff proposed that AKC discontinue printing the annual Judges Directory effective with the 2012 Judges Directory for Conformation, Obedience, Rally and Tracking Judges. Due to the frequency in changes to Judges’ status, the printed Judges Directory is obsolete the day it is printed and delivered to AKC. Conversely the Judges Directory on the AKC Website is always current. The website version of the Judges Directory will replicate the All-Breed and Variety Groups List (Grids) currently found in the printed version as well as contain the same grid for Judges of Companion Events. After discussion, it was the sense of the Board that the printed Judges Directory should be continued.

    Regular Status Request & Single Entry Breeds FINAL Bd. Pg. 7 July 11-12, 2011

    Staff presented a memo to clarify the requirements for regular status as outlined in the Board-approved Judging Approval Process, effective January 1, 2007. The policy statement and the clarification appear below.

    Policy Statement:

    Complete five assignments in each provisional breed, demonstrating sufficient competence in the breeds. Unlimited assignments may be accepted. Additional provisional assignments may be required. Must have been observed for a total of three times by different Field Representatives. (Judging Operations staff may reduce this requirement in breeds with consistently small entries).

    Additional provisional assignments may be required. Following a Marginal or Does Not Meet evaluation at least two additional evaluations on that breed will be required.


    "An entry of one dog in a breed, not on the Low Entry Breed List, may not count towards the required five provisional assignments. This single entry does not provide you with an opportunity to make a decision based on the merits of at least two dogs for comparison to determine the quality of each exhibit. Under our current policy, you must complete five judging assignments with dogs present. A single entry does not comply with this policy with the exception of those breeds on the current Low Entry Breed List published by the Judging Operations Department.

    The issue is whether or not a single dog judged should always or sometimes count as one of the five required Provisional assignments. This will be discussed further at the August meeting.

  • Toy Fox Terrier – Proposed Revisions to Breed Standard - The Board reviewed proposed revisions to Toy Fox Terrier breed standard. There was a motion by Ms. Scully, seconded by, Dr. Battaglia, and it was VOTED (unanimously) to permit the American Toy Fox Terrier Club to ballot the membership, in accordance with the parent club’s constitution and bylaws

  • Lhasa Apso Stud Book - The Board VOTED to approve a request from the American Lhasa Apso Club (ALAC) to expand the Lhasa Apso gene pool by opening the stud book to a limited number of Lhasa Apsos from native Tibetan Stock. Staff will work with the ALAC to develop the procedures to include the Gompa Lhasa Apso dogs in Open Registration as well as establishing the breed in the AKC Foundation Stock Service for dogs imported from the country of origin lacking complete pedigrees in accordance with the request by ALAC.

  • Coton de Tulear - The Board VOTED to approve a request, from the United States of America Coton de Tulear Club, to move the Coton de Tulear breed into the Miscellaneous Class. Effective June 27, 2012.

  • Pomeranian - Proposed Breed Standard Revision - The Board VOTED to approve breed standard changes to the Pomeranian breed standard as proposed and voted on by the membership of the American Pomeranian Club, with an effective date of August 31, 2011.

  • Russell Terrier - The Board VOTED to accept the Russell Terrier into the AKC Stud Book effective June 1, 2012, and to accept the Standard submitted by the American Russell Terrier Club, Inc., as the official standard for the breed. The breed will be eligible to compete in the Terrier Group effective June 27, 2012. An open registry will be maintained for the breed until July 1, 2017.

  • Spanish Water Dog - The Board VOTED to move the Spanish Water Dog breed into the Miscellaneous Class effective June 27, 2012.

  • American Water Spaniels – Eliminate Water Retrieving Certificate - The Board VOTED to approve a request from the American Water Spaniel Club to eliminate the Retrieving Certificate Test (RCT) requirement for Spaniel Hunt Test titling. This request was based on the fact that the AWS is now permitted to enter Retriever Hunting Tests (effective August 1, 2011).

  • Miniature Schnauzer – Proposed Revisions to Breed Standard - The Board reviewed proposed revisions to the Color and Tail sections of the Miniature Schnauzer breed standard. The Board recommended revisions, which staff was directed to discuss with the Parent Club.

  • Japanese Chin– Proposed Revisions to Breed Standard - The Board reviewed the results of a ballot, to the membership of the Japanese Chin Club of America, on a proposed revision to the Color section of the Japanese Chin breed standard. The membership voted 89% in favor of this change. The proposed standard will be published in the Secretary’s Page of the AKC Gazette.

  • Spanish Water Dog - Group Designation - The Board reviewed a request from the Spanish Water Dog Club, Inc. The club would like the breed’s group designation to be changed from Sporting to Herding. Staff was directed to get more information from the club as to why the Herding designation was appropriate.

  • The Registration of Low Uric Acid Dalmatians - The Board reviewed the results of a vote by the membership of the Dalmatian Club of America (DCA). By a 55-45% margin, the membership voted in favor of registering these dogs.  Following a motion by Dr. Newman, seconded by Dr. Smith it was VOTED (unanimously) to authorize AKC Staff to develop procedures for the registration of these dogs. The procedures will be developed in consultation with the Board of the DCA. To ensure that the introduction of the Low Uric Acid dogs into the registry is an informed, voluntary decision, the registration numbers for the Low Uric Acid Dalmatians and their descendents will have a letter indicator as part of the registration number.

  • American Whippet Club – Election Related Disputes - The Board reviewed complaints made against the American Whippet Club’s board of directors over failure to follow its bylaws in conducting its annual election. This will be discussed further at the August meeting.

  • Board Attendance at Events - There was agreement that Board members should be encouraged to attend AKC events in different areas to discuss issues important to AKC with officials of the event-giving club.

  • AKC Inspections - There was a discussion on AKC’s Investigations and Inspections Program, and how the AKC should promote these positive educational actions. Staff was directed to prepare a report for the Board outlining these opportunities.

  • Raleigh Facility Space - Mr. Sprung reported that there has been some reallocation of space in the Raleigh, North Carolina Operations Facility. Pet Partners, Inc., provider of the AKC’s Pet Healthcare program, will be moving into and subletting space in the AKC’s Raleigh offices.

  • Newly Approved Specialty Clubs Following a motion by Mr. Ashby, seconded by Dr. Davies, it was VOTED (unanimously) to lift the current hold on the licensing of Conformation Specialty clubs provided they meet the following territorial and event criteria:
    1) Local specialty clubs will not be approved within a 100 miles of the territory of an existing specialty club of the same breed.
    2) Local specialty clubs will only be licensed to hold specialties in conjunction with another specialty, Group or All-Breed shows or cluster.
    3) Any newly forming or club ready for licensing will only be approved with the proviso they agree any future events must meet the adjacency and/or integrated specialty requirement as stated in (2).
    4) Any local specialty clubs licensed or formed during this period will be subject to any final policies that result from the moratorium study period.

  • Deceased Judges; Mr. William H. Green | Mrs. Marcia K. Keller | Mr. Lester R. Mapes | Donna Wielert (39069) | Maggie Bobb (5184) | Frank Nemeth (1609)

  • Resigned Judges; Mr. Clay Williams

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