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August 20, 2008


Editor’s Note: Will your outrage and signed letters stop AKC from Registering Unregistered Dogs? AKC needs show breeders for credibility, i.e. the $$$ millions we generate in sponsorship advertising and revenue from dog show telecasts. Only two "Yes" votes came in and they are published first. Read, then open More reader comments and editorial comment!!!


YES - I'm not sure what the hulabaloo is about here.  The Rules Applying to Registration and Discipline have contained the exact above-quoted language since at least January 1, 2001 (which is the oldest hard copy in my possession that I could find easily).  The whole of Chapter 3, Section 6 is unchanged since that date, actually.  The blurb from the Board Minutes quoted in the article (meeting of 4/08 for those wishing to read the Minutes themselves) seem simply to be a notification by Staff that they will be approving registrations per the guidelines in Chapter 3, Section 6 - as they've been able to do for at least 7.5 years.  Jennifer Walker


What is AKC thinking? It will open up a very big can of worms … I thought they were all about PURE BRED dogs…if there are no papers how will they determine the lineage?  …unbelievable!  Pam


It seems like the only way to handle an inferior pup would be to have it neutered in advance of placing it in a pet home or having it put down.   Not fair to the breeder nor the pup.  Max E. Hurd


This is the biggest slap in the face of responsible breeders that AKC has ever implemented.  I am appalled!!  Registration papers are withheld FOR A REASON … for AKC to provide a means of circumventing that makes a joke out of AKC's slogan, "We're the dog's champion."  Kim Lovewell


The AKC is desperately looking for ways to generate additional income.  Greed has always been a precursor to an eventual downfall.  AKC is and was founded on the sport of pure bred dogs. The mandate of a responsible breeder is to improve the breed, not desecrate it.  … How can the AKC be so callous as to over throw the validity of the responsible breeders? … I will now modify my (S/N, Limited) contract, so as to say that no dogs name can be changed for any reason.  I now embrace the total litter registration, so that none of my dogs can be subject to a name change. … AKC might look to itself to see why less dogs are being registered with them and are instead, going to other registries.  Many are looking to the UKC to show!  For $65.00 on a weekend, you get 4 show entries and the possibility of a championship!  Mary E Kasher


Why would AKC … reduce the value of its own reputation?  We would become just another registration outfit that would pass out papers with no real value. Right now, "AKC" is THE registration that most would really prefer.  Why change that!  Chere Fuessel


I can't believe the AKC is doing this.  It must be about money because it sure isn't about the breeder.  If I determine a dog is not to be bred or shown, that is my right and responsibility.  How are they going to determine there is no break in lineage?  They have to go back to the breeder and expect us to cooperate?  Then what, suspend us for failure to cooperate?  They will drive reputable breeders to other registries.  Candice Harper


Are all the many years of study and culling going for naught?  Think deeply about the possible results of the new registration service. Ruth Merrill (Goldenledge Kennel since 1948)


As a delegate for the American Airedale Terrier Club I know that the delegates were not told of this and as a body we are set against this Service.  As a breeder of Norwich Terriers again I am greatly disappointed in the direction that AKC is going… Selling the integrity of our dogs’ pedigree for the all mighty dollar.  Carole Bullwinkle-Foucrault


… No reason for a puppy buyer to seek full registration unless he is planning to breed a dog/bitch that a breeder has deemed less than appropriate to breed. (This) will insure more poor quality purebreds and add to the unwanted dog issue. Do we need to go there?  Susan Osher


We have been responsible breeders with registered AKC Saint Bernards for almost 40 years.  … We spent much time and money taking care of and safeguarding our breed.  I can't think of any logical reason (except more money for AKC) to allow this to happen.  Diana Oliver


Why should we even bother to register anything? I have been breeding for 50 years and this is a travesty of all we all have worked for. Might as well go to one of the other registries that gives us more for our money, forget about showing … s/n before selling?  Janis Church


After spending countless hours and money … it seems that AKC has become a joke.  It reminds me of those 'college' degrees where you pay the money and get the degree without having to go to class.  Jeri Sutherling


Then AKC might just as well remain as a registry and can all activities for purebred dogs. What’s the point?  Elizabeth Pearson


The AKC already has ILP for folks that would want to show their possibly purebred dog in performance events.  The AKC also offers Limited registration.  WHY would we need more? Sally Atterberry


… frustrating that all of my hard work and dedication to the Breed can be diminished in a few quick signatures and a hand-shake.  … So when I sell puppies I now have to make sure … that any change of hands goes through me as I would need to continue another contract?  And what happens in 10 years when all of the BYB not doing clearances… have thousands and thousands of dogs produced that the average middle income family can not take care of because they have all these issues.  So they are sent to the pound and eventually euthanized … what responsibility does the AKC have in all of this- None.  They collect a check and mail out a Registration number, and never worry about the pup attached to that number.  Jennifer Carroll


This is an outrage! I see it every day in my grooming shop … people that think because a dog has AKC papers it's breeding quality …I've see AKC pull some pretty stupid stunts in my 45 years in the dog game.  This one sits right up there on top.  Jay Campion


This will effectively lower AKC registration to the status of the rest of the “register anything registries.”  I was under the impression AKC was working toward improving the integrity of its stud book with DNA and chipping, but I guess I am wrong again.  Carla Joyce


I am not a breeder.   I "rescue" dogs and cats.  When people contact our group seeking a puppy (our average age for purebreds is 4 years) and of course we have NO puppies, I suggest they purchase a puppy … registered with the AKC - and NOT the "other" registries that will register a frog if they are paid to do so. Kidding of course - but the prospective purchasers get the idea.  If this goes through- I'll have to suggest they buy a stuffed dog from the pet shop for all the good any registry will do them.  J.A. Piccola


I vote no on allowing this additional means to register a dog … when the breeder, who's passion it is to protect the integrity of the breed, has determined it should not be bred.  Jodi Sorensen


I can't believe AKC is doing this, it is so wrong.  If I sold a pup on limited registration or without papers, it was for a very good reason (genetic or bad conformation, etc.).  As in they should not be bred!!!!!  AKC is only enabling the larger problem of puppy mills. … What on earth were they thinking when they decided on this other than seeing dollar signs $$$$$$.  What happened to integrity?  AKC used to stand for something.  Randy Daniels


This is the reason I have pushed hard for two tiered registration - people could tell whether their puppy was from a top quality breeder (with) health and performance tests required to get the higher rating.  Accredited breeders would be listed and have different color papers.  Buyers could tell at a glance which type of breeder they are working with.  (now) any reasonably intelligent person can snow a buyer over the phone.  Magazines and websites all tell the buyer what questions to ask, do they assume the sellers also can't read the "correct" answers?  Two-tiered system would do more to protect the interests of purebred dogs. Tam Cordingley


(They) are forcing me to do is spay and neuter all pups at an age they shouldn’t be in order to keep them out of the breeding pools of puppy mills.  I will do whatever it takes to keep my bloodline out of the hands of … greedy breeders.  Pet owners buy puppies from show breeders because they know the effort we put in to make sure every pup is healthy and well bred.  … It is difficult enough now for them to find quality pets.  Please rethink the way you (AKC) are making extra money.  You are not only damaging our reputation but eventually, your own.  The Bucklands


… only dogs of true quality that have been evaluated in shows or working events should be bred.  By accepting this ruling, you will allow the breeding of genetically unsound animals that will in turn ruin not only the sport of purebred dogs or purebred dogs in general, but also your ability to keep GOOD breeders spending MONEY in your registry.  Pat, Shadomoon Aussies


How can AKC be so against the good breeder who does not reg. a pup because its not a good breeding prospect.  This only helps them and the puppy mills.  Billie Bunch


This will not improve the "AKC" registered line. It will allow people to produce puppies get them registered and pass on faults we are worked so hard to breed out. I have collies and we have worked hard to correct our breeding flaws to better the health of our breed.  Dianne Bishop


Thank you for alerting reputable breeders… I am very disappointed to hear this news … especially when we as breeders declined the (pet) buyer rights to breed the puppies.  If our voice, as breeders, will be heard by AKC, then I am most certainly opposed to this new rule!!!!  Denise Hillman


AKC is supposed to be a registry to PROTECT the purebred dogs.   Perhaps another registry should be formed … (There are some you know and if NO PET BREEDERS ALLOWED were to get together and inform the whole world just how greedy AKC is for money I am sure that it would fly   Foreign countries like Germany and others will look down their noses again during our lifetime at the false registry that is coming about.  Nonesuchpugs


Why bother (with) limited registration if new owners can register dog anyway?   Do you notify the breeder that you are registering one of their limited registration dogs?  If not, no owner trying to get registration on a pet quality dog will admit to signing a contract anyway. … I for years have carefully followed AKC rules … I am so sad to hear about this change and the start of the destruction of purebreds.... I'm not sure I want to continue registering litters.  What's the point?  Betty Christl


…a great disservice to all the breeders over the decades who have spent their lives dedicated to the preservation and improvement of their respective breed and who have supported and promoted the value of AKC and purebred registered dogs.  Lisa Cozad


I have been breeding purebred dogs for 40 years now.  I remember when AKC was a registry service.  Now they take every opportunity to make more bucks, even as to go so far as to mislead the new owners to---- Step one....choose one of the following optional , Step two choose the lost and found, etc. Buy on, get insurance etc.  It looks like you should choose and you don't have to.  People are paid a lot of money nowadays to "schnooker people" it is too bad that a formerly respected service would mislead people.  Where will it end?  Eileen Brouck


I have been breeding since 1958 and I do NOT approve this slap in my face by AKC.  I do not give papers to pet buyers, there is no need …  My contract is Neuter / Spay. Dana Doty

YES - I would ordinarily not approve of this but because of a ridiculous situation I'm personally involved in, I'm all for it.  The AKC ain't what it used to be.  I'm sure *most* do still care first and foremost about the dogs, but *many* employees and delegates are corrupt and are primarily concerned about the bottom line (preserving their paychecks.)  I would not be in the ridiculous situation if the AKC had the testicular fortitude to stand up to a "parent club" regarding a serious health issue in my breed.  Lesley - Redwood City, CA


At my age and over 25 years breeding, showing, training, it feels like it is time to hang it up... If AKC has all the power to decide who gets registered no matter how the breeder feels, (I will) save my money and time and take long, over due vacations… it is all about MONEY….. Eleanor Jackson


My breed club just went through a big issue with accepting into membership a major puppy miller last year, then pulling his membership.  I'll bet the puppy miller is thrilled over this ruling.  Tamie Ince


It is unconscionable that AKC would (allow) breeding a puppy that the educated, responsible breeder deemed unworthy of reproduction. ... we are finding that there are several serious drawbacks to altering at this early age, including increased risk of epiphyseal fractures in many breeds, and early onset osteosarcoma at least in the larger breeds. … This goes beyond the concern of having one's line showing up in poorly planned pedigrees; it endangers the health and viability of the breed. … We are supposed to be responsible breeders; please, AKC, let us be just that!  Gaea Mitchel, DVM


I can’t believe they are doing this to us.  Where is the integrity of the AKC registration now?  Eva Marie Mitchell, S/T


NO WAY......can you see early spay and neuter which is less than encouraged by KOWLEDGEABLE veterinarians and breeders.  Sharon McCadam


The vast majority of those who use AKC services have no (Delegate) representation at all as they don’t belong to a dog club (or) delegates frequently vote as they please and not as a club might want them to. I know with the club I used to be in … the delegate was simply whoever could afford to attend the meetings or lived close enough to do it.  Nancy Holmes


AKC registration is the only thing that separates the good breeders from every other registry.  Without the value of this "elitist" registration, why bother with AKC at all???  They are dealing their own death sentence. Joyce Carelli


This potential policy had so many bad effects, from destroying the integrity of the stud books to destroying the efforts of ethical and responsible breeders.   Ann H. Sherman


What is to prevent the new puppy owner from just printing off a pedigree from someone’s website and telling the AKC it is the pedigree they received with their new puppy, but they did not get any “papers”? When I spoke to someone at the AKC about this development … I was told if I wanted to prevent such things from happening I needed to register my litters, then each of my puppies separately, and then have the new owners re-register the puppy when it was sold as “limited”.   Can you hear the “cha-ching”?  … What a sad commentary for … those who put such schemes ahead of the welfare of the very dogs the AKC professes to protect.  Katherine Kasten


I send my puppies out on spay/neuter contracts and don't provide their AKC papers until I receive a vet certificate.  Buyers who can now register any dog will cause a lot of damage to the breeds if there is no longer this type of control allowed.  Deb Withrow


I am appalled that AKC will override … the breeders explicit determination that the dog is Placed In A Home Without Papers, or sold only with Limited Registration … This is not in the best interests of the purebred dog fancy!  This is not good business practice!  Vicki Worthington


This is an outrageous move by AKC. The Delegates need to get involved and stop this effort.  Sherri Smith


I am not surprised…  at the actions of the AKC. This is ONE of the main reasons for over 15 years now I have refused to register ANY pup in the litter I was not keeping for myself or going into a show home.  Pet buyers know when they call me … a few fuss about it but… I would not sell a puppy to anyway. Maybe its time for the breeders of America to get together and start our own registration process. Anything has to be better than what the AKC offers.  Linda Kendall Smith


If a breeder sells a puppy with no papers or limited registration, there is a reason for it and AKC should not thwart these efforts… If someone wants a puppy that is fully registered, they should buy one that is sold that way—not circumvent the system. Marlette Love-Goodnight


Registering dogs sold as non-breeding stock?  Without permission of the breeder?  Is there a better way to wholly devalue AKC Registration?  I can't think of one. What a slap in the face to conscientious breeders!  Jeri Jennings


What’s the point… (it) makes the limited registration worthless, unless all the puppies are altered before they ever leave the breeder.  This is a big mistake for AKC who is supposed to be a leader.  This is more like something APRI or ACA would do ... Kristal Couch


If I sell a puppy under limited registration it is because the dog is not a good representative of the breed. Undescended testicles, over sized, under sized, genetic health issues. … If you allow anyone who didn't get papers or who got limited registration papers with their pup to have full registration they will damage the breed by raising puppies who will bring diseases and problems to the breed that reputable breeders have been working for years to get rid of.  There are laws cropping up all over the United States to control the overpopulation … you are only going to contribute to the problem. Allowing an ILP would be fine … but allowing anyone who claims to have a purebred dog the papers they say they have coming is only going to cause a disaster in this country.  … How to prove that they have the dog that they say they have? This sounds like a place you don't really want to go.  Marie Rodgers


This simply sounds like a way for the AKC to generate funds … on the other hand, I don’t know a reputable breeder who sells any of their pups without a written contract, which among other stipulations also states ownership of the pup cannot be transferred without the written consent of the breeder, which according to this article is the key safeguard against this “service”.  Debbie Sutor


This is a huge mistake on the part of the AKC.  Responsible breeders devote a lifetime of hard work and heart aches to protect their breed of choice and this rule change could destroy that lifetime of hard work. This cannot be allowed to happen.  Judy Simmons


… the breeder's hard work is now diluted and the novice puppy buyer is not able to distinguish well-bred dogs and "the puppy mill" puppies, yes, I said puppy mill which this will become.  A breeder would like to look up to the AKC as an honest registration organization, but now, it is feeling less than honest.  How about finding other ways to increase income, or tighten your belts like the rest of us have had to do!!  Patricia A. Collier


If bypassing the responsible breeders' original intentions is what AKC intends with this new ruling - count me out, out, all the way out!! - you will find more and more AKC breeders seceding to other registries - one where we have a voice and rules are not voted upon by the staff.  Pam Williams


… AKC is undermining their own reason for being… tabling the idea to register spayed/neutered mixed breeds for competitive sports.  What's the difference?  Ah, yes.  (This) will provide unlimited dollars into the AKC piggy bank depending on how fast those puppies can be pumped out and registered by newly papered parents, while the tabled idea would only have allowed the limited registration of an occasional pup … mandatory neutering/spaying, thereby knocking off future monies from further breedings.   These board members are out of touch with the very dog fanciers who give AKC a good name… Without reputation, what is the reason for an AKC to exist?  Helen Verte


I think this is a stupid thing the AKC is doing to purebred dogs. I think all AKC dog events should be boycotted … Unfortunately, this would affect the clubs putting these events on. But something must be done to show AKC that breeders who strive for excellent representatives of their breed which are healthy won't tolerate this BS.  Lola Leland


How can I continue to stand 100% behind my lines if I cannot guarantee control over which puppies are allowed to carry on these lines?  It would only take one unscrupulous owner to have my line produce puppies that do not meet the strict health, screening, temperament and breeding standards that I have spent decades in establishing.  If dogs that responsible breeders deem to be "pet quality" are allowed breeding privileges it will undermine the integrity that we have spent years and small fortunes building.  I urge the AKC to reconsider the ramifications of this registration service toward those who are fighting the hardest to maintain the integrity of the purebred dog.  I am not writing this because I am against the AKC....far from it, as I am also an AKC Obedience and Rally judge.  Catherine Peters.


… let's fight this .. It undermines the efforts of ethical breeders.  Laurie S. Coger, DVM, CVCP


I sell all pet puppies on spay/neuter and LIMITED registration.  If they are allowed to change the limited registration people will also probably not spay and neuter!  On the other hand I guess I will no longer be giving my buyers AKC PAPERS because of this AND the fact that they can change the name on the papers!  Only the puppy I keep will be registered with AKC.  Heidi Brauch


As someone standing outside the issue completely, I thought a registered dog with AKC papers was a big deal.  Then I met a woman who purchased a toy poodle and had a difficult time getting the papers.  When I stopped by her house a year later, a big dog jumped on me so hard it knocked the breath out of me.  I did not think that was a toy poodle, in fact, I could not have identified his breed, yet she had AKC papers that proved that he was a toy poodle. I guess for the money, your dog can be any breed that you wish him to be. The whole situation has got to be offensive to anyone who breeds purebreds. Nel Liquorman


This is ridiculous!!!!  I might as well stop registering my puppies at all and just sell them without a contract to the person with the most money~!!!  I've been doing this for over 10 years "the right way” but this is a slap in the face … I’m getting out of breeding … because of this kind of crap.  Feel free to forward this email to AKC or anyone else.  I'm FED UP!!!  Amy Loy


This is an outrage!  This makes them no better than the bogus registries out there.  Lorie, Sandragon Mastiffs


AKC registration is absolutely worthless, in my opinion. This new rule proves that AKC is all about money and could care less about breed integrity or animal welfare. If I were queen for the day, I would abolish the AKC and put certification/pedigree into the hands of the breed clubs… Shame on the AKC! The fact that they made these changes secretly and then refuse to speak up when challenged just goes to show their poor character. I suppose they thought the changes would go unnoticed.  Laura Beck


AKC might as well just open up pet-stores.  I am horrified by the lengths AKC will go to… Champion of the Pure-bred Dog??  More like Champion of the Buck.  It's all about the fees. I'm so disgusted I can't even put this email together coherently.  Lora Myroup


… Would they undermine the whole reason for their existence (a registry for PUREBRED dogs) for the sake of the almighty dollar? Totally throw away all the hard work of every reputable breeder… The whole idea is completely ludicrous.  I seriously worry about the mental state of whoever the MASTERMIND? is behind this.  LT4DOGS


The AKC is supposed to be … a non profit organization, yet everything it does is money oriented.  Remember "breed only the best to the best"?  What happened to that?  Money.  I'm disgusted and so are many other breeders who are just learning of this latest fiasco with the AKC.  I truly believe that the AKC is going to be its own death toll and the ethical breeders will leave enmass and form a new national club or … parent breed clubs (will) break away from AKC and the contamination it will be bringing to their breeds.  Chris Garner


Thanks to those who have stuck their neck out to get this word out.  I’m tired of hearing how big operations (like AKC and our government) are continually increasing taxes … and thinking up ways to generate revenue such as this registration business.  Protecting the stud registry was supposed to be their main responsibility.  This … doesn't protect any breeder of merit.  Suck it in, AKC, downsize, do your job.  There is nothing gained by the fancy when you try to register as many dogs as you can to generate income.  Millie Meyer


AKC will be forcing responsible breeders to refuse to register most puppies in a litter and also to refuse giving a pedigree to new puppy owners - may even force us to neuter puppies before they are placed in a new home.  I do not understand why you (AKC) wish to placate commercial breeders/pet owners who breed irresponsibly rather than go with the wishes of the responsible breeders/show people who have been supporting AKC for eons.  Marge Weakley


The AKC is selling out the very pure-bred dogs and responsible breeders they claim to support. This is about fees and sadly, it's at the price of the AKC morals and more important, at the price of the pure-bred dogs. Beth Contreras


There are already too many dogs out there being bred simply because they have "papers" …no health clearance, no titles...just "papers".  The last thing we need is more dogs with "papers"!  Shawna Swanson


The only thing a breeder can do is neuter or spay a young puppy to keep it from entering the gene poll before it is sold under these new regulations.  Marjorie Freeman


What is AKC thinking? … If a breeder recognizes a dog’s shortcomings enough to forgo the higher value usually available to a registered dog, I think that’s a pretty good indication the dog is not breeding quality. And opening the door to puppy mills—at a time when more efforts are being made to control them (is) not promoting the best and brightest.  Linda Smith


More reader comments and editorial comment!!!


After 10 years of breed rescue (Mastiff and Great Dane) I've seen every conceivable type of dog … The absolute worse are the "back yard breeders" and those from puppy mills.  If the AKC allows these dogs to be registered … (with) dogs of legitimate breeders, then the AKC may as well close its doors.  Their credibility will be the same as the puppy mill owners.  (And frankly, they are pretty close right now.)  That's what happens when you stop caring about the dog and consider only the money.  Joyce Crawley


For over 35 years, I have required spay/neuter by contract on all pet dogs sold, with no papers till the dog is altered. I own a boarding kennel and get calls about registering dogs with no papers all the time, and I would say easily 95% or better of them are people with designer mutts, people who got a dog from a pound, people who had a litter and one parent is registered and the other is a mutt. Most people do not understand how registration works and what its purpose is. Apparently, neither does the AKC !! Vickie VonSeggern


will AKC be "responsible" for all of the puppies that never should have been born because of genetic problems?  Of course not, they are only interested in the money.  I'm beginning to wonder if AKC is now for the "puppy mill people".  Jinx Ferrell


This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!  How can the AKC undermine us like this!!! This is exactly what PETA will use against us. We breeders strive long and hard to get rid of diseases in our lines.  We have a REASON that we don't hand out the papers or even give the LIMITED registration. There has to be something we can do. I know for me at this point, any pets I place will be spayed or neutered BEFORE they leave my place.  Terry Lopez


Why can't AKC honor the wishes of the people who make up it's major support?  If we as breeders do not believe a dog should be registered our opinion should be followed.  To prove the dog sold without papers is purebred don't they have to have DNA?  Is that why AKC insists on DNA on sires used often?  By having our dogs DNA registered with AKC it just makes it easier for them to bypass our agreements with puppy buyers.  If they demand DNA on a dog can we refuse without penalties?  Just why is it that we support AKC but they don't support us?  Joan Bailey


I am very much against the AKC’s registering change (even though) all of my pet puppies are placed with non-breeding agreements and a signed written contract. Tina M. Young


My breed carries genetic eye problems, one of which is PRA.  A dog that is a carrier will not ever go blind from PRA itself, but if bred to another carrier, some of their offspring will get a double dose of the gene and become affected.  We are trying to eliminate this problem by either having the dogs spayed/neutered before going to new homes, or if they are too young, withholding AKC papers.  AKC will be "undoing" what we as responsible breeders are trying to accomplish for the good of the breed.  (it) is a great injustice to the world of dogs!!  Judy Acker


...use spay/neuter clinic, and keep the dogs long enough to spay or neuter (them) So what if it costs me something, I value my kennel's name and reputation more than the dollars for the "un-breedable" individual. This ... kind of thoughtless decision-making makes me think they are shooting themselves in the foot.  They have always touted that they were for the PURE BRED dogs.  Betty Abbott EST 2002 © 08081612



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