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Choice: Deconstruction Of The Purebred Dog


IN THE BEGINNING man created the purebred dog and "it was good". Through selective breeding each part of the developing canine was carefully refined and documented. This is what became known as breed standards and "they were very good". Breed standards resulted in canines that could do more than just perform a task. These canines became "EXPERTS" at their jobs. They completed tasks more effectively than the common dog and... the world smiled.


Oct 2014 | TheDogPress Club News

CinDee Byer, Dog Clubs Editor


...That is until a virus called the animal rights movement infected the world. It developed in the UK as animal welfare but quickly mutated into a world-wide, deadly epidemic so powerful that it sickened the original host and the very organizations that vowed to protect our breeds. Soon the virus mutated into "terminating the connection between all humans and animals." Organizations whose foundations were for purebred dogs are now breathing in the rhetoric of a so-called remedy known as political correctness.


The Great Sickness evolved into a disease known as Globalization Of Breed Standards wherein it insidiously coerces dog breeders into giving up their beloved breeds as they know them. The animal rights groups have now found a clever way to deconstruct the purebred dog... by having the dog breeders do it for them.


Where CHOICE Begins, Breed Standards End

The animal rights virus infects organizations with "CHOICE" which makes the victim feel fine at first. "CHOICE" in purebred standards is deceptive, slowly weakening our ability to resist. It blinds us to choosing a breed based on a look, history or purpose. It prevents us from preserving that breed, as is, for future generations to enjoy. Choice limits the ability to make private decisions between breeders and veterinarians. It restricts a breeder’s rights and eliminates breed education. When the infected spread Choice instead of healthy breed standards, the newcomer never learns the correct standard of a breed. They too become infected and suffer in the darkness of ignorance, unable to effectively defend their breed.


"NATURAL" Is A Symptom Of Arrogance

One symptom of Choice is support of what is "NATURAL". The problem with "what is natural' is the fact that there is nothing natural about the purebred dog. When we use the word "NATURAL" we reveal ourselves as infected and radicalized by the choice virus.


Man manipulated nature to create the dogs that we identify as Breeds today. We continue that selective breeding process to preserve our Breeds. If our goal is to own “natural” purebreds, we have all succumbed to the purebred dog deconstruction virus. Purebreds have always been judged in unnatural ways. We groom, bathe and pose our dogs in unnatural ways. We spay, neuter and "bark soften" in unnatural ways. Our veterinarians and researchers poke, prod, and test them in unnatural ways. They are wormed and inoculated against "natural" viruses and parasites. We teach them tricks and compete with them in unnatural ways. We make them attack objects and people in unnatural ways. We make them protect us from terrorists. We dress them up, put collars and leads on them and crate them. We "adopt" them out like children, publicize them as homeless and place them in our unnatural homes. We decide when, where, and what they eat. We select who they will mate with and often help them breed or inseminate them. We would give our last dollar to keep them healthy and happy but that does not make anything we do "Natural".


When we eliminate Breed Standards based on what is natural we destroy the very thing we love.


Terminating The Purebred Dog

According to a 1992 animal rights booklet one of the animal rights agendas is to eliminate the purebred dog. The strategy is to encourage breed standards that are based on health and an animal’s rights. The plan also includes encouraging (through media sources) demand for crossbred dogs. The eventual goal is to create an ideal dog "as nature intended". This dog is to weigh "between 45 and 55 pounds, brown in color with long tail and ears.” That booklet was written more than twenty years ago.


In 1992, Switzerland amended its constitution to recognize animals as Beings, and not things. A decade later, Germany guaranteed rights to animals. Another victory over purebred dogs came as recently as September 6th, 2013. At that time the IDC congress decided that starting January 1, 2015 cropping and docking will be a disqualification in breed standards. If you participate in IDC events, (International Dobermann Club under FCI) even in America, your AMERICAN breed standards are in jeopardy.


Globalization of breed standards is an infection that is destroying purebreds everywhere. Playing politics has led registries like the AKC down a path of submission. In an attempt to placate the animal rights movement the AKC uses their Breed Standard approval policy to spread the virus of Choice.


In November 2006 the American Kennel Club board announced “Guidelines for Writing Breed Standards” in which they state … “the club will be encouraged to include a description of the natural tail if a docked breed.” In the case of cropped breeds… “the club will be encouraged to include a description of the natural ear.” Exemplifying how the Choice virus continues to deconstruct purebred dogs, in April 2007 Gazette breed column Dorthea Gruenerwald of the American Rottweiler Club wrote… “the A.K.C. would not approve the words ‘must disqualify or excuse’ in the proposed version.” of their standard.


When we deny any breed the ability to protect and preserve their standard we enable animal rights radicals to question all breed standards.


The AKC Registry Of Mixed Breeds

If a man's actions are the best indication of his intentions then what do these actions say about the AKC?

* Discouraging the preservation of traditional breed standards.

* The recognition of mixed breeds in a purebred dog registry.

* Termination of the print version of THE AKC GAZETTE (The Journal Of The Purebred Dog).

* Instead, publishing the FAMILY PET (a pet related magazine).

* Instituting a special program for mixed breeds called Canine Partners.

* Anointing mixed breeds "THE ALL AMERICAN DOG".

* Proclaiming themselves to be the champion of ALL dogs.


About The Author

The inclusion of mixed breeds at Westminster was proof of how far the virus has spread. According to a February 4th, 2014 ESPN story, mixed breeds were the talk of the town at this years Westminster. Lindsay Rajt, associate director of PETA is quoted as saying, "I think Westminster has taken a small but important step toward finally acknowledging what loving and wonderful animals mutts can be."


The WKC promotion of mixed breeds over-shadowed some of the best bred purebred dogs in the world. It diminished the purpose and preservation of purebreds. It infected the public with the message that there is no difference between a puppy mill dog and a selectively bred, carefully constructed, genetically superior animal.


True Choice Is To Preserve Purebred Dogs

"Live Free or Die" is the best-known of all state mottos, partly because it speaks to an assertive independence historically found in America. Our breed standards are not the law of the land but they are "STANDARDS OF COMPETITION". They are guidelines for reputable breeders. Standards are applied at dog shows as a rule of exhibition by and for breeders who care about preservation of health, soundness, and distinguishing type in their breed. No one in America is forced to buy, breed or compete under those rules.


Conversely, the animal “rights” movement would take away our choices of breeds and distinguishing features of breed type. It would turn registries into humane societies and breeders into criminals. It destroys the standards of quality and individuality in the purebred dog. Taking a placebo and closing our eyes to the problem is not the cure. We must stand up and allow parent clubs, breeders and standards be the cure. We must preserve the connection between humans and animals. We must show the assertiveness and independence historically found in America if we are to survive this epidemic of purebred dog destruction.


IN THE BEGINNING man created the purebred dog and it was good.

IN THE END man will decide its future.



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