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The Canine Good Citizen program, intended as a distinction of honor and character for dog, owner, and evaluator has been reported as high-jacked by a petty thief...


May 2018

Barbara J. Andrews, Editor-In-Chief, SAAB


The CGC Program developed and administered by the American Kennel is one of the best “tests” of a dog’s good manners, trustworthiness, and social adaptability. See AKC VIDEO below. The fraud was allegedly committed by a person who obviously lacked these characteristics.


The fictional evaluator in question was named Jane Thomas. Jane Thomas was listed on the AKC website as an AKC approved CGC evaluator located in Croghan, New York. Notably, her resident address was listed on social media and elsewhere as being in Amhyrst, New York, which is 4 hours from Croghan. has received multiple notifications that Jane Thomas was created by Mrs. Cathy Lewendowski of Crogan NY, presumably as an anonymous means to target certain individuals to be bullied. One of the people targeted by her bullying commented publicly that Jane Thomas was a fake profile. Mrs. Lewindowski then went to "great and extraordinary measures to convince the people of her breed that Jane was real and to amplify her bullying by recruiting her friends and relatives to heap abuse on this individual."


Jane Thomas posted that she had received her AKC CGC evaluator credentials on or about April first.


Two weeks later Jane Thomas granted Mrs. Lewindowki and her friend Mrs. Sonia Evans CGC titles, two for Mrs. Lewindowski's curly coated retrievers and one CGC title for Mrs. Evans Dachshund.


One of the targets (name withheld) of Mrs. Lewendowski hired a retired homicide detective to verify that Jane Thomas was a fake. The detective reported the following:


"1.) No public records can be located on Jane Thomas in Amherst New York, born in 1961 or thereabouts. In fact, there is no Jane Thomas matching the information anywhere in the state or county.


"2.) No Jane Thomas has graduated from Cencius High School.


"3.) The woman which appeared in photographs as Jane Thomas was actually a woman named Sue Salmon, a co-worker of the Lewis County General Hospital where Mrs. Lewindowski works.


"4.) The photos used by Jane on her webpage, facebook page and Mrs Lewindowski's page showing the CGC signs were taken in 3 separate locations. One sign is in the employee parking lot of the Lewis County General Hospital. The second was taken in the fairgrounds 4 blocks away from the hospital (note the blurred out location in the posted photo). The third is taken in the garage area at Mrs. Lewindowski's residence where the brag photos were taken.


"Public records and employment verifications also revealed that none of the relatives were actual people and were simply fraudulent profiles. Example:


Jane Thomas - Fake - Photos of Mrs. Lewindowski's co worker Sue Salmon

Jane's Boyfriend Pat Drumm - Fake

Jane's Daughter Megan - Fake - Photos of Mrs. Lewindowski's niece Cheryl Weigan Hume

Jane's Sister Jill Myers - Fake - Photos of Mrs. Lewindowski's cousin Patti Parobek"


When the target received this information he exposed Mrs. Lewindowski's fraud, causing Mrs. Lewindowski to scramble to cover her tracks. Jane Thomas's profile instantly changed to Jane Meyer. Mrs. Lewindowski deleted all the profiles within the hour, destroying any further evidence associating Jane to wrong doing and herself. Jane's Paws And Effect website had all pages and contact with Jane’s name as the owner and evaluator deleted.


This information is provided so that AKC will be able to verify there is fraud when they examine the application and testing evaluations of Jane Thomas.


Click to watch this 2 minute video in VIDEO Theater - Introduction to AKC Canine Good Citizen Test - The American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Program is the first training step for many dogs.

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