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Puzzling response to a query from on what AKC is doing about a specific piece of NC state anti-dog owner legislation.


May 15 2017


From: Brandi Hunter []

Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2017 2:43 PM


Subject: Regarding your email: Burke County (NC) WHAT is AKC doing?


HI Barbara,


I was forwarded your email and below are the answers to your question:


Can you please let me know what exactly AKC is doing to prevent (such actions) in NC which requires  "anyone who has more than 10 domesticated animals (any household pets) on their property to register with the county and open their homes for unannounced inspections during business hours."

Alerting and motivating breeders and dog owners obviously is not working. Fighting legislation is a partnership between the AKC Government Relations Department and local clubs and breeders. We provide them with the tools and resources they need, and assist them in communicating with lawmakers. As constituents and voters directly impacted by the proposals, local clubs and dog owners are in the best position to effect change in their local communities. We also encourage local clubs to be involved in their community and communicate with local officials on the good things they do – this lets lawmakers know that when an issue arises, our local clubs are the dog experts and working to bring about positive solutions in the community. When appropriate, we also directly communicate with lawmakers on these issues and provide suggestions for amendments or alternative solutions.


Can you either notify me personally or put me in touch with someone who can keep TheDogPlace appraised adverse legislation?

All the latest information can be found in our Legislative Action Center at Also, we encourage you to sign up for the Taking Command monthly e-newsletter which provides regular legislative updates.


Do you have a list of people or legislative groups in other states that Legislative editor can reach out to?

We encourage you to sign up for our Taking Command monthly e-newsletter. In addition to providing regular legislative updates, it also often includes information and updates on what clubs around the country are doing.


And to whom am I sending this? Who is in charge of this department?

This e-mail address is the general e-mail for the whole department. Sheila Goffe is the Vice President of Government Relations.



Brandi Hunter

Vice President of Public Relations and Communications EST 2002 1705


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