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Westminster Kennel Club, the first super-show, is honored by the Senior Conformation Judges, the first AKC judges’ Association.


Lt. Col. Wallace Pede with his right and left hands, at ACEF Judging SchoolTo reserve your Westminster Dog Show box seat tickets, lodging, dinner and dancing with the judges, contact the Senior Conformation Judges Assoc. now!


Dec 17, 2012 | |

Where else can ardent exhibitors find America’s best dogs and best judges, all in one place, all at the same time?


A judge’s career is secured when invited to officiate at the Westminster Dog Show and notably, the success of many judges began with membership in the Senior Conformation Judges Association.


Throughout the Westminster event, starry-eyed novice exhibitors rub elbows with the world’s best breeders and handlers. But equally intriguing, the SCJA offers opportunity to dine, dance and chat one-on-one with America’s most knowledgeable judges! How cool is that?!!?


Get more information on the Senior Conformation Judges Association Westminster Week festivities, including the dinner dance, special room rates and Box Seat tickets. Don’t delay, early bookings help to insure a great Westminster trip and your table for the “judges party”.


The Westminster Kennel Club has a long and glorious history. Formed in 1876, WKC remains as the canine centerpiece for New York City. In part due to its location, Westminster has always been closely aligned with its Manhattan neighbor, the American Kennel Club.


The same names could be found on the directorship of both clubs, then and now. Judges who sought to advance were respectful of the AKC’s power to confer career-advancing assignments, one of which was to be invited to judge at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. The idea of a unified judges association was unheard of for over a century.


But times change and with many turnings of the calendar, social ranking began to give way to the American spirit that built a nation on innovation and equality.


AKC Executive Secretary Mr. James Crowley, with TheDogPress Editor at ACEF Judging SchoolThe SCJA was founded in 1983 by All Breed Judge Mel Downing, President, Lt. Col. Wallace H. Pede as Executive Secretary, and First Charter Member, All Breed Judge E.W. “Tip” Tipton.


For the first time in dog show history, aspiring judges had a voice, previously unheard-of educational opportunities and unified representation. Some critics compared it to a “trade union” but astute exhibitors welcomed a better educated, less “beholden” (for assignments) crop of capable judges.


An offshoot of the SCJA is the American Canine Education Foundation, which hosts the 30th Annual Westminster Week Buffet Reception. The SCJA held the first judges training match, pre-dating "hand on" by decades.  The ACEF organized the first Judging School.  Together these prestigious judging associations have led an amazing 30 years of innovation and advancement for judges and exhibitors.


Visit the Senior Conformation Judges Assoc. website and make your plans for Westminster 2013 now! EST 2002 © 2013


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