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Dog Club Problems: Chihuahua Club


There are many honorable clubs that serve the public from the Freemasons, Kiwanis, and Rotary to Elks, Lions and Moose and then there are dog clubs…


December 16, 2019

Barbara J. Andrews, Editor-In-Chief, SAAB needs your comments. Name any dog club, from national Breed Clubs to local Kennel Clubs and Members will cite conflicts and management problems. This one however may set legal precedent in the dog world.


Lawsuits totaling 1.5 $million were filed December 2019 by the Guttenberg Agency against dog show judge Lauren Payne for multiple libelous statements.


NANCY GUTTENBERG, known as “The Dog Owners Attorney” has filed against


LAUREN A. PAYNE, President Of The Chihuahua Club Of America, Inc.


This is a classic example of a dog club that failed to follow the State Statutes of Incorporation, Club Constitution, Bylaws and Robert's Rules.” ~ Ms. Guttenberg


A super majority of the members at the Chihuahua Club Of America’s annual meeting sent a petition from the floor demanding that the entire board follow the State Statutes, Club Constitution, Bylaws and Roberts Rules in response to dog show judge Lauren Payne's illegal attempt to remove three Officers and Directors.


We’re told the club President hired Attorney David Reid and Parliamentarian Novack to represent the club. After counsel they abandoned the attempt at removal of the three officers. If that were the end of this story, you wouldn’t be reading it here.


Approximately two months later Lauren Payne once again attempted removal of the same Officers and Director only to again be voted down by a majority of the Board.


Attorney Nancy Guttenberg was also libeled as a result of the second attempt. Guttenberg of North Salem, NY has represented dog owners and dog clubs for over 30 years in all matters of dispute including problems with AKC. She said this is not uncommon in a “club that doesn't follow the State Statutes of Incorporation, Club Constitution, Bylaws and Robert's Rules.


In addition to representing national “Parent Clubs” and the dog show community, Nicholas and Nancy Guttenberg are inventors of patented cyber security and chemical devices owned by Foxrun Development Co., LLC of which Nicholas Guttenberg is President. Foxrun has presented cybersecurity devices to General Electric, Honeywell, Dell, Kensington, Panduit, Symantec, Davidson’s Technology, S&K Technologies, and The United States Cyber Command.


Lauren Payne of Windsor Locks, CT is an AKC dog show judge. Her initial breed was Chihuahuas which she was approved to judge 2004. She is currently approved for Miniature Pinschers, Pomeranians and Pugs. She is or was President of the Chihuahua Club Of America and Treasurer of Heart of New England Chihuahua Club.


Attorney Guttenberg advises club directors “As an attorney with over thirty years in Purebred Dog Club Not For Profits I can honestly say that there are FOUR things that will assure your Club NEVER gets sued.


1.) Follow the Statutes of the state of incorporation,

2.) Follow the Club’s Constitution

3.) Adhere to the Club’s Bylaws

4.) Follow Robert’s Rules Of Order


Speaking from decades of experience with dog club problems, Guttenberg said “If they abide by these four things, no dog club would be involved in litigation of this type. Make sure your dog club Board follows these rules. Make sure your members follow these rules. It's really that simple.


That may be the best legal advice our 1.2 million visitors per year will ever receive but if you need more specialized help with dog club or personal disputes click to contact the Guttenberg Agency.


With the season of good will upon us, give us your suggestions on how we can make 2020 a kinder year for every dog club member. Your COMMENTS welcome.  If you are a member of a Parent Breed Club or a Kennel Club that is having a well-documented problem email the “Editor”.


Reference Information: Signed Summons & Complaint, Supreme Court, New York EST 2002 © 1912





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