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Do you support this revolutionary challenge to the AKC's charter and duty to purebred dogs or should breeders continue to fund promotion of mixed breed dogs?


March 2016

Joseph Byer, Jr., Research Editor


In our past, mankind felt the need for help and took the dogs exhibiting the traits he needed and bred them together. In due time lines of purebred dogs emerged from this selective breeding process, each line specialized in the desired instincts. Generations of dedicated breeders since have continued to breed the most ideal specimens in accordance with the founders written description of the "perfect" dog, i.e. "The Standard"


Then there are the mixed breed dogs sometimes referred to as "Mutts" but these are the product of man's irresponsibility. If it is loose dogs who freely mate, they came from irresponsible people. If dogs are abandoned and come together and produce offspring, human irresponsibility is the culprit again. If two dogs not of the same breed are purposefully mated by human owners, that too is pure and simple irresponsibility. The need for re-inventing the dog is gone; we have enough established breeds to preserve and protect. Giving them names like, "All American Dog" serves to assuage the owner's vanity and make them ripe for exploitation.


Aside from being less than ideal canine specimens, mixed breeds generally receive less medical attention and cannot reproduce themselves so that if you get a great one, you may never in your lifetime be able to find another. You could clone your pet but that involves a lot of money. Often it is said that mutts (mixed breeds) are healthier which is simply not true (no medical history) and sadly these mixed dogs have become fodder for the dog-trafficking industry to market them as victims of abuse or neglect. Couldn't this be construed as irresponsible to canines in general, this elevating the generic brand to premium status? It encourages the huge importation of mixed breed (mongrel) dogs we are seeing from all over the globe, in most cases unvaccinated and in some cases, rabid.


The AKC has for the major part of its existence has been dedicated to the purebred dog, so it seems a conflict of interest for the American Kennel Club to pander to the mixed breed community, especially when they already have a registry of their own as well as events mirroring those of the AKC. It can easily be seen as an attempt to create a new revenue stream for the bloated coffers of the AKC. And would not this profit motive be a slap in the face to the purebred dog breeders who build the "non-profit" 501c3 charity that is the American Kennel Club?


While there is plenty of blame to go around, it is not the fault of the dogs themselves but a clear and wonton lack of responsibility that has created this quagmire. Generally it is the quest of profits that has propelled business people into the dog world thus diluting the purpose and dedication of enthusiasts and driving the best people out of the sport in droves.


There's the blame but where is the challenge? The purebred clubs are adulterated with education-shunning glory hounds and PETa whackos. The parent clubs, in particular, are infested with non-breeders deciding on a breed's future standard. Oops, who is to stand up for purebred dogs?


The solution is NOT easy. It is not quick but it is necessary if we truly want our favorite breeds to exist in the future. The first step is to form an alliance of the parent clubs (a standalone organization) to meet and agree on the following suggestions.


Parent Breed Clubs must separate all non-breeders from ANY voting rights whatsoever. A concise and legally binding definition of "What is a Breeder" must be created and accepted by ALL . Please see link below for the standards being pushed by the AVMA{1}


Parent Clubs must join in sharing the costs of a sustained advertising campaign that extols the virtues of purebred dogs. The one shot movie being promoted to parent clubs, while nice, does not sustain the front-of-mind awareness needed to preserve and protect our purebreds.


And because the AKC has been divesting itself of fidelity to the purebred community, the American Kennel Club's actions to include mixed breeds under their banner must be rejected. Any resistance by the AKC should be met with a nationwide boycott of AKC shows for ONE DAY to demonstrate our commitment to unconditional support to the purebred community. If need be, additional boycott days and challenge would be added if the registry continues to destroy the purebred dogs we love. True lovers of purebred dogs must take back the exhibiting community's right to honesty, fairness, and support by the registry.


There are many, many additional things to be done but this difficult task must be done first. The prescription is "do the big things first and the small things will fall in line".


This is the responsible thing to do for all who love and respect the uniqueness of the purebred dog.


{1} Dog Care Standards being pushed by AVMA EST 2002 © 163



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