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One of our subscribers asked the above question and curious, we sought an answer and received this information direct from their spokesperson.


The founder of our company was raising Cavalier King Charles Spaniels many years ago, before AKC was recognizing them. This led to her creation of the American Association of Rare Breeds, which was expanded after just a few years and became United All Breed Registry. We still have a division for rare breeds, and also one for "designer" dogs.


To answer your questions: We are opposed to the animal rights agenda, sponsoring opposing organizations and communicating with our customers regularly via email about legislative action alerts.


To date, we have over a million dogs and over 11,000 breeders in our registry. We are a small company, exclusively dedicated to providing affordable, accurate documentation for pet breeders. Currently we are not sponsoring dog shows.


Our Breeder Tips newsletter is sent to a clean list of our active breeders (registered litters in the past 2 years) and others who sign up on our website or facebook page. Circulation is presently around 1800 households.


Here is the About Us section of our website:


Now celebrating our 26th year, United All Breed Registry offers quality pedigree services for discriminating owners and breeders of dogs and cats. Our registration divisions include purebred pets as well as 'Designer' dogs.


What's special about UNITED?

Our unique patents save you money! We are the only registry in the United States that publishes your pet's pedigree directly onto his application paper or certificate at no extra charge. Don't be fooled into paying up to $40 additional for a pedigree at other registries! Take a look at our beautiful puppy application or our pet certificate, both displaying up to 4 generations of pedigree. Health information and microchip number can be added to any certificate at no extra charge.


Pet Owners

Enjoy our beautiful, ready-to-frame pedigree certificates, complete with a gold-foil seal. Then stay connected with news you can use by joining us on Facebook. We'll keep you abreast of pet food recalls, cool new pet products, breed info, health recommendations, special offers and more.


We also offer the highest quality microchip registration available in the United States, through our sister company Homeward Bound Pet. Microchips registered through us are included in the AAHA national pet microchip lookup database that is automatically searched by every veterinarian, animal hospital, shelter and animal control center in the U.S.


In addition, the Homeward Bound Pet website offers an excellent set of pet-finding tools, including "Lost Pet" photo posters and our printable guide entitled "How to Find Your Lost Pet."


Pet Breeders

After you have paid us to research and build a pedigree for you, it is our policy that you own that information. We will never charge you for it again. And soon you will be able to access and print your animals' pedigrees on this site, for free.


If you enjoy breeding pets for fun or profit, you will enjoy our monthly e-newsletter, Breeder Tips. Each issue covers a topic of interest to pet breeders and contains valuable discount coupons, insider news, videos and links to useful products and information.


You might also enjoy being a part of UABR Breeders, our private group on Facebook. Members share tips and advice, and benefit from special deals.


We invest time, energy and funds to promote pet professionals, donating regularly to support state breeder education organizations. We have also represented pet professionals to federal and state authorities. Our goal is to preserve your right to own and raise animals.


We Work for You

Try us! Our staff focuses on solutions, not problems! We strive to resolve customer service matters by telephone whenever possible, helping to de-stress your life!


Deb Eisenmann

United All Breed Registry, Inc.

ph (417) 284-3001 toll free ph (888) 908-9299

toll-free fax (888) 580-7656


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