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Excruciating case of animal cruelty and neglect revealed within days of ii SATISFACTORY AKC Inspection report on Bleu Moon Australian Cattle Dogs.


Oct 2014 | TheDogPress Editorial

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief


57 year old Lynne Hackney and her husband, 56 year old Miles Allen of Picayune MS, were arrested and over 60 Australian Cattle Dogs were seized. It started as city and county code violations but escalated into multiple counts of animal cruelty when the Pearl River County Sheriff’s office linked the arrest to similar conditions found at a home on Sycamore Road.


According to the The Examiner, “The kennels were said to be full of excrement - upwards of two inches thick. The dogs had burns on their paws from the urine and many had fur which was matted with feces.” The “kennels” included crates in which multiple dogs were confined in what was described as two “sheds with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees.”


Video of puppy mill house interior{1} 32 seconds of Australian Cattle Dog abuse. Did the AKC inspector go in this house of horrors? If not, why not? The Examiner also reports “The couple is only facing two counts (each) of animal cruelty thanks to limitations in the Mississippi state law.


Picayune Police Chief Bryan Dawsey said the dogs were terrified. "They were covered with feces and urine. Some of them had sores, broken teeth, ears with pieces missing off of their ears, lacerations. They were not in good shape." Lt. Joe Cuave with the Pearl River County Sheriff's Department elaborated "The residence was layered in it (feces); it was pretty disgusting" … nightmarish conditions for a dog to be in.” See headline : Pearl River Co. couple face 249 charges of animal neglect, cruelty.


AKC knows that TheDogPress reports fairly and accurately but as revealed in the Insider Files{2}, our reporters look under the bed where the monsters lurk. Surely someone at the great American Kennel Club can see that the Board’s refusal to make a prompt public statement casts a terrible reflection on all AKC breeders?

So what does the American Kennel Club say about this agonizing example of Inspection Fraud and Failure? Nothing. On 14 Oct I personally called Jack Norton, AKC Director Of Compliance. Mr. Norton has always been professionally prompt in returning calls. Not this time. We emailed him twice. No response.  NOW... Click the ii AKC Statement


It is no disgrace to terminate an employee for failure to do their job. Why hasn’t AKC issued a statement saying that AKC Inspector John Thomas has been fired for failure to inspect and/or file an inspection report? Surely AKC would have notified local authorities had the inspector done so. Can we safely assume that the AKC Board had no knowledge of this? Or did it? Is it possible that someone decided, as in our coverage of the Big Bad Wolf Pekingese breeder, that it would be in AKC’s best interest to ignore the agonizing abuse?


Leigh Ann Yandle, an AKC judge in Atlanta sent photos and other information to Jack Norton, American Kennel Club Director Of Compliance.


Deb Casey, former regional director of the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America, also furnished detailed information to AKC. Everyone is waiting for some kind of statement.  Click to open the show photo because it will then display a heartbreaking "after" photo of the same Australian Cattle Dog.


In the meantime, let this be a warning because caring, conscientious breeders and owners were duped into letting their dogs wind up in the hands of these people. Ms. Yandle warns that they used many aliases, including Ginger Schmid, Lynne D Allen, Lynne Hackney Allen, Lynne Rahm Hackney, Lin Rahm Allen, Lin H Hackney, Lynne Duhe Hackney and more. Miles R Allen, known aliases include Niles Allen, Niles R Allen, R Allen Miles, Miles Allen, and Miles Romney Allen.


This photo was taken by the Pearl River SPCA who took an active roll in rescuing Lin-Lynn-Hackney-Allen's dogs.  Click the ii Inspection Report to see name on AKC Inspection certificate.   Also note the inspector's typed remarks at the bottom of the Inspection report. has exposed decades of deceit and will continue to do so even when, as in this case, AKC seems determined to “put a lid it.”


We have lobbied the American Kennel Club board personally and in print, begging them to promote purebred dogs and the breeders who devote their lives to these dogs.


This editor had many long conversations with AKC Board member Patti Strand who agreed that the AKC needed to do more to advertise the “brand” in family magazines. We even discussed specific magazines. That did not happen. But the American Kennel Club approved multiple donations of $25,000 to Patti’s NAIA{3}.


These Cattle Dogs speak for themselves, finally, thanks to local authorities. The AKC speaks not at all, which when you think about it, says a lot.


Reference & Related Article and Information, dig for gold below

{1} Video of puppy mill house interior

{2} Insider Files (dozens!) reveal AKC duplicity

{3} AKC Donates $25,000 to NAIA

Big Bad Wolf Busted

Animal Cruelty Conundrum

AKC Handler Convicted EST 2002 © 14101605



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