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Viewers are told, during televised tuxedo events such as Westminster Dog Show, that owning an AKC registered dog is a guarantee that you have a purebred dog.



August 2006

Gini Addamo, Dog Show Reporter


Really? Even if that statement were true, which I believe we all know it isn’t, can and will the American Kennel Club also state that the AKC papers that come with the dog are guaranteed to be accurate? Anything less is outright fraud.


Why do hardworking people, the backbone of dog shows, continue to make those $25.00 entry fees week after week that include the AKC fee? Why do diligent people still study pedigrees and genetics in planning for their new litters? Why do they continue to pay more money to register litters and then pay even more money to individually register the puppies? Are you indignant now and want to say, “because we love dog shows and we care about our breeding programs!”


My response to that is I believe the AKC has you right where they want you as they laugh all the way to the bank. The AKC's main purpose was to maintain the integrity of the studbook and they have failed. The validity of the AKC Stud Book is challenged as fraudulent at worst or poorly kept puppy mill records at best. So why do people still buy into the myth? Where did common sense go?


The American Kennel Club seems to have made their “tuxedo” television spectacles a top priority. Ask yourselves, why does a dog registry find the need to sell dog toys, treats, etc.? Is there a shortage of pet stores throughout the nation? Do you think that most breeders want AKC selling dog supplies or are they more concerned about the AKC’s lack of willingness to insure the integrity of the studbook? Is there anyone who still believes the AKC cares about the validity of the studbook?


Where is our outrage when the AKC rejects DNA and eyewitness evidence of studbook fraud? How can the American Kennel Club promote the integrity of a studbook they know is fraudulent? Where was the outrage when the AKC wrote to “high volume” breeders and offered to waive late fees to encourage registration of pathetic dogs and bitches whose sole value is their sperm and ovaries and their future get? How many ethical and responsible breeders received AKC's Cut-rate Invitation to puppy mills?


Where's the outrage when the AKC states that they are “mindful” of our constitutional right of freedom of speech, yet they still dole out excessive punishment when they don’t like what you say? Judges, where is your outrage regarding the AKC Conflict of Interest policy? Isn’t the noose tight enough yet? Now they have taken control of your judging for any organization outside of the AKC.


What can judges do? Do judges have any power over the AKC that licenses them? Sure they do! They don’t have to judge. What a breath of fresh air for all of us if judges would unite and make a stand in defense of the sport of dogs. Have judges had enough yet? Or are judges part of the problem? Have the politics gone so deep that judges are “playing the game” as long as they are paid their assignment fees (about $400.00+ per assignment)? (editor's note: that amount has more than doubled in 2015) What more will it take for judges to unite and lead the way?


What about the delegates? The AKC seems to be taking all of their rights away. Are they going to sit there and let it happen? A couple of suggestions that I received from a reader: “It's simple, get two or more delegates (member clubs) to sue AKC for misrepresentation and fraud in the keeping of the stud-books, for instance. Or get a significant number of member club delegates to complain to their congress-persons . IF a bunch of delegates wanted to take action they could ask NY AG Spitzer, who legally belongs to every NY non-profit (its a social club NOT a charity) to demand legal compliance, enjoin against further actions, seek court supervision etc.


Are there any delegates outraged enough to unite? Delegates do have power; will they wield it? Will they go out on a limb on behalf of dogs and the hard working people that are the backbone of the sport? Or will the delegates be cowards and cover their own asses for political reasons?


What about breeders? What power do breeders have? Breeders don’t have to register with the AKC. There are other registries. After the Petland deal, do you think the AKC cares about you? After all the studbook fraud, do you think they care about your breed? It’s my opinion that the AKC believes that they are untouchable. Is it true? Are they untouchable? It’s up to you. Think about it and what it means when you make that entry or register a litter.


What about the Petland deal? Does anyone believe for one second the spin that came from AKC? When it looked like AKC was backing away from the Petland Pet Shops, Ron Menaker stated, “AKC's Board of Directors and management believed that this agreement would have helped to further the mission of the AKC. Promoting responsible dog ownership to new puppy owners, implementing our care and conditions policies, and exposing more dog owners to AKC educational programs and services would have had even greater reach.” Are you kidding?!! Who believes this? (editor's note: We didn't and thus uncovered a terrible betrayal against dedicated breeders - AKC's PRIME - special pet shop point-of-sale registration software.)


For your reference the AKC’s Mission is this: "The American Kennel Club is dedicated to upholding the integrity of its Registry, [emphasis mine] promoting the sport of purebred dogs and breeding for type and function. Founded in 1884, the AKC? and its affiliated organizations advocate for the purebred dog as a family companion, advance canine health and well-being, work to protect the rights of all dog owners and promote responsible dog ownership.”


How would the Petland deal accomplish any of the above?

Why don’t they just admit that the whole scheme was for making more money? It’s all about the money. We already know, based on evidence presented in The Dog Press, that dedication to the integrity of the Registry is a farce. The mission statement states they are to promote breeding for type and function. Does that mean they want to encourage the breeding of these pet store dogs? What else could it mean if this deal with Petland was based on furthering the mission of the AKC? How many believe that the AKC would make a serious effort to encourage the proud new owners of an “AKC” puppy (future litter registration money) to spay and neuter their puppy? Does the AKC want these puppies entered in dog shows?


How many of you have heard of people contacting the AKC with evidence of pedigree/registration fraud or poor breeding practices and the response is “we’re just a registry.” It seems they are a registry when it is convenient. AKC is the white knight trying to promote responsible dog ownership only when it’s convenient. It seems that whatever position makes them the most money, that’s the one they take. How much money has the AKC spent fighting breed specific legislation? How much money has the AKC spent encouraging puppy buyers to buy from a reputable breeder? (Are pet store suppliers now considered reputable breeders?) How much money has the AKC spent educating the public on the pros and cons of buying a pet store puppy versus a well-bred puppy from a reputable breeder? How much money has the AKC spent during the holidays discouraging people from buying “Christmas” puppies? Where is the outrage?


I believe that the people at the AKC have forgotten that the AKC is a dog registry. I believe the people at the AKC have exaggerated opinions of themselves, which, by the way I believe explains their arrogance. One delegate stated at the September meeting, that she had confidence in this board. There should be NO confidence in this board. One delegate at this same meeting stated that they loved the AKC. What is lovable about the current AKC? The AKC alleges they want to be mindful of the first amendment but then punishes when they don’t like what you say, they want to control judges’ dog activities that are not directly AKC, they want to make deals with pet stores, they have dropped the ball on the stud book, really, what is lovable about the current AKC? Seriously, where is the outrage? EST 2002 © 06101606




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