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Columns: No Limits, No Kidding!


Animal Rights Politicians

by Guest Columnist Sonia Yearwood


The influence of well funded Animal Rights (AR) lobbyists becomes more apparent with each bill introduced by career politicians including Tx Gov. Rick Perry.


Corrupt Politicians accept money from Animal Rights groupsMany politicians accept lobbyist money to propose bills that are not in the best interest of our country. Those legislators should be permanently removed from their “Thrones of Power” for their money-influenced presentation and support of bills that threaten our constitutional rights and the economy.


How many Representatives and Senators are benefiting financially by supporting bills that create additional financial hardship on citizens as well as their states?


Based on just one of many examples nationwide, the votes for the “Puppy Mill Bill” Texas HB1451 {1} leads one to the conclusion that Texas Politicians are stupid or don't care about what is in reality a “Pet Elimination” bill.


McClendon's old TX HB998 illustrates a lack of qualifications to represent the citizens of Texas. HB 998 would require owners of intact male dogs (not neutered) weighing 20 pounds or more to be restrained at all times and/or to carry a minimum $100,000 insurance policy. Under this bill's definition dogs would be considered “unrestrained” while hunting, field trialing, tracking, working in obedience or agility, even performing search and rescue or police work. Owners would be required to purchase the expensive liability insurance, neuter their dog, or face criminal charges.


This was nothing more than a “backdoor” approach by animal rights groups, learn about ii Animal Rights Origin & History, to push forward their “Pet Elimination Agenda.” How could anyone with an ounce of sense present this bill??


When the State of Massachusetts passed a bill similar to TX HB1451, the sale of pet supplies and pet food dropped 80 percent. How many jobs were destroyed?


But of course the AR people don't care because they have a goal of zero domestic animal population and the removal of all meat, fish, poultry and dairy from menus worldwide.


Continue reading Animal Rights Politicians on Page TwoHB1451 grants authority for searches of licensed dog owners' residences without a warrant if they keep only a single dog indoors or keep their dogs' records on their home computer. This is a violation of 4th Amendment Rights. The bill's sponsors and proponents know that proposed standards for care, confinement and transportation cannot be met in a home environment or by most breeders with kennel type facilities.


Animal Rights and Your Privacy,

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