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International judge-owner of premier import-export-boarding kennels reports dog shows cancelled and U.K. losses equal to American businesses and dog owners.


June 2, 2020

Meg Carpenter, SAAB Member, Overhill Kennels and Export


Regarding COVID 19 we here in UK we are beginning to feel the strain of the lockdown. Luckily for us here at Overhill we have space and our own dogs to keep us all occupied, although we have no boarding customers because all have cancelled their bookings.



I am writing this on a holiday when as a 5-Star Rated facility under the Animal Welfare Act, we would normally have over sixty dogs staying with us. We currently have just five, these have been here since the lockdown in March. Being in quarantine has given us the opportunity to complete all outstanding jobs that we have been meaning to do over the past years. We have re-painted the kennels, the house, all gardens cultivated, paddocks trimmed, etc.


And as may be true with everyone, all dogs bathed and groomed to within an inch of their lives. In boarding or our house dogs, they all look immaculate in top show condition with no shows to attend.


All of dog shows, seminars and gatherings across the country have been cancelled until the end of the year. Another three Championship dog shows have been cancelled today. My feeling is that we are going to have to discount this year completely. Possibly the first show we see and exhibit at will be the show that was the last one we attended in 2020, CRUFTS Dog Show.


It will be interesting to see if this happens. I wonder how exhibits will qualify to enter as there have been no shows to gain qualification. We are not alone in losing our events as across Europe all dog shows have been cancelled.


Our Veterinary surgeons are only allowed to perform emergency treatment. Up until this week people could not collect puppies from the breeder although the breeder could deliver the pups. Now they can travel as long as it is within reasonable distance (whatever that is).


There are so many enquiries for puppies, which is very worrying as people think that as they are at home now they can take a puppy on. They seem to forget they have to go back to work. What will happen on their return to work? Will they leave the puppy alone all day or just get rid of it?


It is such a strange way of life at present. It is almost as though we are in a war in which the attack is silent but deadly. We must not feel sorry for ourselves, as we are at present staying fit and well but I think of so many who have lost and are still losing their lives to this dreaded virus. We must all stay vigilant.


Here in England we are being asked to social distance, which is two meters apart. Most intelligent people know how to do this but are spoilt the idiots who know best and ignore the instruction. Shops and restaurants are still closed with just food outlets open.


Hairdressers are not able to work so many people are redesigning their hairstyle with some very interesting results.


Most people are keeping in touch by facebook or social media. It is said that the world will never be the same after this pandemic. I tend to believe them. I hope this tells you a little about us here in England. You are a much larger country with vast spaces whereas we are small in size – but big in heart. Be safe, stay well. EST 2002 © 20S06



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