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Do Pets Need The Same Daily Routine?


Most pets to do the same thing day in and day out. A set, boring routine to which they become accustomed.


Zoos know that their charges must have diversity in activity as well as in diet. Keepers vary the routine and provide daily stimulation.


May 29, 2013

Joan Reinbold


Vary your dog’s routine, hide his food, take him for a spin in your new truck, break the monotony!So how does this relate to your household? Well, it's really the same. Your pet can benefit from variety in routine and diet – and where the food is hiding.


You may see greater alertness and an increase in a zest for life for your pet and you.


Déjà vu? You feel like you and your pet have been pressed into a routine that breeds monotony. You can add excitement to both your day and your pet's. How you wonder? Well, it's easy. How do you play with your pet?


If it's a dog they like to play fetch and tug of war. A cat likes to chase and catch things that are like mice. So, use their food as a way to brighten their days. Place water dishes throughout your home. Not necessarily in 'easy to reach places'. Do the same with food.


Don't forget where you place things though. It's kind of like a treasure hunt. You can imagine you're training your pet. Go with them and help them find the 'stashes'. You can even do this with their toys. Moving things around will help defeat humdrum, for you and your pet.


Give him what dogs really want - and make him work at itEat the same pet food day in and day out? Perhaps your pet is giving you a look that says “My dish is in the same place, and my food is the same as last month. Boring!” You would complain after a while, too, wouldn't you?


We’re told pets like a set routine in activity and their meals. But is that natural (or good) for your pets? Don't they desire the challenge and cuisine of the forager or hunter?


You're not alone in this national pet challenge to move out of monotony. If you try these suggestions, I’ll bet you and your pet will be invigorated. You may find it a mental stimulus to explore those little hiding places in your home and neighborhood. Expand your circles of exploration. And feed your mind with the National Pet Newspaper!


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