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Animal rights have taken precedence over human rights and this professor says it could happen to your elderly mother if state law decides she needs better care…


May 7, 2019

Stella Starr, Pet Perspectives


The Cavanaugh confirmation dominated the news so you didn’t hear much about anything else but everyone is worried one way or the other about “Rights.” The gentleman across from me, a retired college professor owns a huge German Shepherd and we had an interesting “mailbox” chat yesterday.


It started with Judge Cavanaugh and crime but then I asked if an increase in animal cruelty is a signal of social decline. He said “Of course” adding that “pets are psychological and emotional support for human beings.” He smiled, pointing out that I am a cat owner but that “even your little spaniel will alert, bark, and protect you from intrusion.


I laughed, assured him that I am armed and only need an alarm dog. We talked about the crime rate, crazy people out there and he explained more about the connection between animal cruelty and human morality.


As we chatted I realized that what I tease him about as “a lecture” was very timely. Knowing I could never remember it all, I asked him to email me a note outlining the points he made. He agreed, we remarked on the first sunny day in a week, his plans to do a garden and as we parted I reminded him not to forget to send me his “dissertation” and laughing, he nodded.


It was in my email the next morning. Most of it was over my head but he started by saying “Taking away your basic right to own cats, dogs, or other pets in certain urban dwellings or neighborhoods is groundwork for taking away your right to be protected in your own home, to stay in that home, or even to decide on your own medical care.


I began scribbling these notes. Referring to the 2018 school shooting in Parkland he said it “launched a lobbying effort to deny Second Amendment rights to young Americans but guns are not the problem” and cited examples. “… physicians say it is drugs. Teachers say it is lack of parental care whereas sociologists point to mass immigration as a flarepoint.” In his post, he summed it up with “Statistics show that as pet ownership has declined, violent crime has quantitatively increased.


There were a lot of statistical references and footnotes but here is what I gleaned from a follow-up conversation this morning.


Professionals are lax in reporting symptoms of psychological unbalance. I said the school shootings prove that. He said “Conversely there’s a premise that people 65 and older have some cognitive decline” and should “not have a firearm in the home.” What? I observed that senility is often the result of over-medication in senior citizens! He laughed but then he got serious and I could tell he was forming thought into words.


Sure enough, he said there was a recent survey and one of the questions was whether or not there was a firearm in the home. I shrugged, wondering where he was going. He said in that same survey was a question about the age range of persons living in the home. I guess I looked shocked because he put his hand on my arm, reassuring me that only five states have laws allowing the court to seize weapons from people who exhibit dangerous or erratic behavior. Relieved, I laughed but then he shook his head and frowning, he said “obviously they are lax on that…


I invited the professor onto my porch and we sat down. I told him about the animal rights movement, regulations that allow “rescuers” to take our pets and what I think it means to the rights of people. He agreed it is a fine line and told me that many states can have someone's competency adjudicated by a local court and then have them involuntarily committed to a state-owned rest home or other facility.


What!?? I was shocked and said as much!


He cited some examples and my mind churning, I filled him in on the confiscation of beloved pets and valuable livestock. He said “that would be more so under the radar.” I agreed but when I told him that someone with no veterinary skills can say an animal is not being properly taken care of and then get a judge to allow them to take the animals, he was shaken. He wondered whether a health care worker can have someone committed to a nursing home or state institution? I didn’t think so but we agreed that no agency should ever have that kind of power without third-party oversight.


Animals first, people to follow? What in the WORLD is happening in America?  If you have a personal experience to share with me, email me and put HUMAN RIGHTS in the subject line.

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