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If AKC were a car dealer, they'd be arrested for selling fake titles.  Instead, they cover up fraud by issuing "Qualified Papers" and everyone seems happy.


June 10, 2005

Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance


My daughter is obsessed with pedigrees, bloodlines, and learning to show dogs.  She has always loved dogs but there was a time when she enjoyed them because they were dogs and she could tell them all her little secrets.


Now she tells her secrets to “dog people”, plays grown-up games, never has time for just enjoying her dogs--and I pick up the poop.


I've been thinking about how we used to say we can’t see the enemy for the __.  I don’t want to be incorrect here but my job was to see through camouflage, get the lay of the land, and avoid actual pitfalls, the kind that can kill a man.   Well, the purebred dog scene is a great way to enjoy the company of dog and human friends, but it also masks an enemy that can destroy the playing field.


Dog shows and dogs with "papers" are a long way from where I grew up.  We knew which dogs would hold the trail and which one would go off on a rabbit.  They had instinct that told a coon hound or a fox hound to ignore a rabbit.


We swapped stories so we also knew which dogs passed on what traits.  Even today, dogs are judged by their performance as security dogs, ability to handle livestock, service dogs, or prowess in the field. 


In "purebred dogs" it seems more about pedigrees and paper titles.

Being part of a social group, having a productive hobby, learning new things; all good for us.  I’ve been called a lot of things but being blind didn’t get me through the tough times in my life or serve my command. I talked to my kid about this AKC thing and getting a wider perspective on her real goals "in dogs" as she says.


She doesn’t see herself as gullible and yet she tells people on the phone that her dogs are “top quality” and discusses their ancestors like she was quoting from Genesis.  Point of fact: she spent less time in the bible than she does on those pedigrees.  She refuses to acknowledge what some snoop said last week, that AKC is selling worthless pieces of paper.  Any other business we would see it on the 6:00 as mail fraud.  When I asked her about ii qualified registration papers she said it is a way of protecting breeders.  Made no sense to this old guy so I did a little research online. 


I see it as a way to get out of trouble over worthless registration papers.  If they were car lots, they would be under indictment but AKC gets by with just saying Oh, we are sorry that we gave you the wrong title, the one that said your car is a BMW.  It really is a VW, just a typo there.  Don’t worry, here is the title that plainly says it is VW.  See?  Its just fine now.


It amazes me.  People buy that!  My kid thinks AKC is doing the stud book a favor.  Says AKC is “protecting the integrity of the stud book”.  Talk about seeing things differently.  AKC admits the stud book is a lie, that there are so many dogs in there that don’t belong.  They got caught and now every one knows it is a lie so now they are going to protect the dealership by issuing a fraudulent title and making people feel all warm and fuzzy about it? 


I reckon those guys have a little grey in the hair because they know that people will soon forget what a real certificate of authenticity ever was.  Then they can sell that fraudulent car to some one else and tell them it used to be a BMW and it doesn't matter that is looks like a VW, it has four wheels and a title!


I read about an AKC judge who forced AKC a long time ago to do a recall on a bunch of Shetland sheepdogs.  It seems there was a lot of them that carried the ii Banchory trademark or as dog people say, kennel name.  There was a female called Thousands Cheered, except nobody cheered when the fraud was exposed.  So before the FTC or attorney general weighed in, AKC cancelled some registrations. 


I guess the grey heads had not thought about qualified registrations at that time.  From what I learned, it was a long time before the internet so they must have felt pretty safe that not many would find out about it.  But now they have.  I wont bother with the details because I don’t understand most of them anyway but I know a diversionary tactic when I see one.


You guys keep putting the truth out there.  I read that AKC makes 60 million bucks a year.  How much of that is actually from mail fraud?  Maybe it doesn't matter as long as people love their dogs and like to show them off.  There are car shows too but who carries a title in your glove compartment!


Well, that is all I have to say.  I tried saying it to my daughter but she respectfully did not want to hear it.


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