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Columns: No Margins, No Limits, No Kidding!


Columns: No Margins, No Limits, No Kidding!


Not On My Watch!


An Akita will step into the line of fire for you, no questions asked, and expect nothing in return other than your affection.  On that dark night, this "Royal Dog Of Japan" did…


October 2010

Dannielle Romeo, Newsdesk Editor


I LOVE my breed.  We're got a lot in common. It takes a while to earn our trust, respect and love but once you've got it, it's yours forever. An Akita will step into the line of fire for you, no questions asked, and expect nothing in return other than your affection and kind regard. Light sleepers who are constantly vigilant. Loyal, courageous and able.


Yeah, I can connect with that.


So it's 4 am on a Saturday night (Sunday morning?) and the alarm bark goes up from the entire kennel. This is NOT a drill. I toss something on for modesty's sake, grab the collar of the night's indoor dog (who has time to look for leashes?) and head out the front door. Rule number one when engaging a possible threat- don't go alone or unarmed - with an Akita, you have both bases covered.


I can see headlights outside and hear an engine running, the sound of multiple voices talking over each other and running feet. As I get around my garage I see a van parked on the street, facing the wrong way and right behind mine in the driveway. This doesn't look good.


Both driver's and passenger side doors to the van are open and there are several young men running around the car. One climbs up on top of the van and another runs up to get in the driver's seat (planning a little urban surfing?), they are all yelling like maniacs and then a fourth grabs something from the side door and runs up on my neighbor's porch with it across the street. He's a wonderful old man and we try to watch out for him, which I do now.


Time to announce someone's up. "What the *&%$ are you doing??"  They stop laughing like lunatics and look up my drive - "oh shit!" faces firmly plastered. I get the standard idiot's response.... "uhhhhhhhhhhhh..."  The one who ran up on Richard's porch and tossed something there is now hoofing it back and stops dead in his tracks as I ask again, a little more firmly and with my backup singer in full chorus ( you can't miss an Akita growl no matter how hard you try) but they were hooting and hadn't noticed him yet.


Doppler is a big dog and by holding him at the collar there wasn't much indication he was there. He's a silver with black overlay, he blends nicely into the night. But his growl is easily heard and Doppler is NOT amused. His hackles are up, his muscles are tensed to act and that growl is raising every hair on the backs of the hoodlum's necks.


They freeze. The laughing has stopped. Finally the kid directly in Doppler's sights stammers, "Newspapers.  We're dropping of the newspapers." A few tense seconds go by. Another picks up the thread and hauls one out of the van "Just the papers lady - just newspapers" He quietly ads, "Please don't let go of the dog".


I tell them to knock off the shit, it's 4 am, get their papers delivered and get off my street.


Two words in response. Not "Bite Me" or "&*$% You"........."Yes Ma'am".


The kid on the van roof slowly climbs down. They all get into the vehicle and like good little paperboys, quietly deliver the rest and get outta Dodge.


Doppler rubs his big bear head against my leg and sighs, Akitas sigh. I know that sound. "Not on my watch." EST 2002 © 1010182r3


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