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How do you react when you get a PETA solicitation in the mail?  A charity watchdog group reported that most Animal Rights groups spend nearly 90 cents of every $ donated on more fund raising. 


PETA's Preposterous Solicitation


Gini Denninger | November 2011


I will not contribute to PETA since PETA equates me with those that commit atrocities on animals.


I am very aware of PETA's closed mind to people like me who breed and show dogs.  But I have done animal rescue my whole life, and I do not exclude mix-breeds. I will not turn away from an animal in need.


GINI DENNINGER, LOWCHEN DOG FANCIER, WRITER, REALTORContrary to what PETA espouses, my dogs are not enslaved, if anything I am their slave. Most dogs at shows enjoy being there. Those that do not like to show are placed in pet homes. Take the time and really watch dogs at a show and see for yourselves how many of the dogs are enjoying their time there. I know not all breeders are like me. I hate puppy mills as much as you do. As a breeder I resent being lumped with them by you.


What really upsets me is I do not see PETA using it's clout or money to help animals that REALLY need help, like all the animals being buried alive in Asian countries due to disease! Where was PETA then? Why did it not create a huge campaign to get people outraged and where were your lobbyists with the legislators? I believe you did nothing to help these poor animals that suffered deaths as horrendous as the animals being skinned alive. Where will PETA be in the future when it happens again. Will you finally act, or just keep being a money making organization with cushy offices???


I and many people have come to see PETA not as an organization that REALLY cares about animals, but as a money-machine with the higher-ups making large salaries dependent on collecting money from people who want to do good and think by sending money they are. I feel PETA has been ineffective in the capacity of animal stewardship because of it's attitude towards people who genuinely love animals and show their dedication to animals by actually having daily interaction with them. I wish those that contributed to your fancy solicitations would know the truth, that you would deny them their cherished pets. If they knew, your organization would be through. Or, would finally come to do what it originally set out to do; to seek ethical treatment for all animals, not elimination of large numbers of species.


These people that you vilify, dog & cat breeders, horse fanciers etc. could have been your biggest allies. They are more vocal, effective and active in causes that help animals than the average person. This is because they actually LOVE animals and being with them. I and many others like me would be right there with you and would welcome a large organization as yours to work with, to help stop animals dying these horrible deaths. But instead you lump us with those that are so cruel. How naive and stupid are you? Or is it that your intentions are not what you help animals that really need your help??? I doubt my dogs need your help, why don't you concentrate solely on where animals desperately need help... like those poor animals that were buried alive without a shout-out from PETA.


So PETA, maybe review your intentions. I know you think all dogs and cats should be loose (without owners). Lets see how long before the majority of animals would die because they do not have the skills to survive. I have come to believe the ultimate goal of PETA is to rid the world of all pets.  No more will people be allowed to have animals in their care - or have pets to comfort them.  Well good luck. And in the meantime, those animals that could use our united front to help them will continue to live in horrible conditions and to die horrible deaths, because your organization will not rethink some of their stances. What could have been an unstoppable united front of animal lovers is a fractured mess that accomplishes a fraction of what could be done.


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