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More canine problems are “piling” up at the White House and the good news is the problem is not major but the bad news is the problem is not Major.


April 5, 2021

CinDee Byer, Breed Clubs Editor and SAAB Member


It is becoming clear that the Biden’s were ill prepared for an adult shelter dog named Major. In November 2020 Major fractured the then Pres. Elect’s ankle during a “play” session. March 9th of 2021 Major attacked a Secret Service Agent inside the mansion. A few weeks later he attacked a National Park Service employee outside on the lawn.



And now dog feces are being found in the hallways of the White House. The Associated Press (AP News) reports “What happened Wednesday wasn't the first known instance of dog poop inside the White House...


There is nothing wrong with the President’s dog. Major, an adopted shelter German Shepherd Dog, just wasn’t the right dog for the President. A good breeder would have recognized this issue and recommended a professional trainer to step in and prevent such problems. Unfortunately, shelter dogs don't come with a breeder to guide the new owner.


Shelter workers are not equipped with the intimate knowledge of canine behavior. They depend on good publicity to sell and place dogs and political campaigns are always looking for a chance to create a good image in the public eye. The president Elect adopting a shelter dog must have seemed like a match made in heaven. It brought a photo opportunity for both the animal shelter and the soon-to-be president.


But the Biden’s honeymoon with Major was short-lived. Without a breeder’s guidance the Biden’s are struggling with Major’s behavior. Apparently, a trainer was called to handle Major when he was a puppy. Now it appears that trainer has been called back to duty after the recent aggression events. If Major has had and is receiving professional training and the Biden’s have been following guidelines planned out by the dog trainer, I suggest they get a new trainer.


Major’s issues are not dog issues. They are human issues that demonstrate a basic “lack of leadership.” Owners with leadership problems normally have dogs that are out of control. The Biden’s, like most pet owners with aggressive dogs, tend to make excuses for their dog’s behavior.


Major was a rescue pup. Major did not bite someone and penetrate the skin.” ~ Pres. Biden


You turn a corner, and there’s two people you don’t know at all and he moves to protect.” ~ Pres. Biden


Major is a sweet dog 85% of the people there (White House) love him.” ~ – Pres. Biden


Owners of shelter dogs seem compelled to bring up the adoption as one of the reasons for misbehavior. They deny that their dog is aggressive or that they themselves, have leadership problems. These owners blame the victims and attribute the biting incidents to play or protection. They use words like “nipping” instead of biting. They say it is “adjusting” instead of taking over. They talk about how many people love the dog instead of how many people are afraid of the dog.



In order for Major to live at the White House he needs a full-time trainer and handler at the White House. He cannot be trained at home in Delaware and then be expected to adjust to life in the White House or being walked by staff.


Without proper training the visitors and employees at the White House are in danger. Everyone is at risk of serious injury because on this current course MAJORS “MAJOR BITE” IS YET TO COME.


See part one, "Major" Mistake At The White House

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