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Reiki Works - On Dogs Too


If you’ve had Reiki bodywork, you know it works but did you know that Reiki can do wonders for your dog? Learn more about this healing therapy.


January 2010

Vickie Haywood, Dog Sports Editor


Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is an ancient Japanese art form of energy healing. Taking into consideration all things in the universe carry some kind of energy, the energy healers, Reiki Masters if you will, learned to become conduits of energy fields through hands-on contact with their patients. They actually transmit the energy to help the body heal itself.


REIKI BODYWORK & MASSAGE WORKS FOR DOGSAnyone can do Reiki but only the masters who have been attuned possess the true secrets of Reiki which are passed from one master to another. We call this the lineage tree - where we obtain the higher thinking process that allows us to become one with that universal life force we call energy or Reiki.


All living things can benefit from Reiki. If you are receiving a Reiki treatment you will feel as if you have had an entire body massage with warm stones at the end of a session. This is accomplished by the laying on of hands in the precise reiki hand positions that follow the charka meridians. Charkas are the vital organs that allow us to live and function well.


Animals can receive Reiki, although their form of permission to use Reiki differs from that of humans. To receive Reiki you must consent; it is the tradition of the masters. So when animals receive Reiki they must also consent and they do!! Small animals encourage us to perform Reiki on them by crawling into our laps. 


Large animals will often place their head on your shoulder or mouth your hands as a sign they wish to receive what you have to offer. Even nervous animals can receive Reiki from a short distance away and still reap the benefits.


I began my journey into the healing arts, as many of you may know, through Bev and Marcia who attended the very first Poodle club retreat. Bev is an RN surgery nurse fractioned in the healing arts and Marcia is a massage therapist. Together they practice the healing arts in many forms. We call people like this "light workers" - those among us who have special gifts in their hands to comfort and heal. After all, what is nursing and massage work other than offering healing to someone in pain??


In this day and age, many of us are going back to the "old ways" of doing things - because they work!! We feed better foods to our pets, we seek homeopathic release from disease and pain through the old Bach Flower remedies. Who better to teach us than the ancient medicine men and women who knew their herbs inside out? Or we seek a naturopath or some other form of holistic healing.


And so my journey began, and continues through the encouragement of one special person who developed my gifts in a time of utter despair. I have had Reiki masters all over the world do this for me. You too have an untrained talent that needs training to come to its peak so seek that training for yourself and your dogs.


I’ve completed level 1. I am attending level 2 in a few weeks and will be licensed to practice by summer and I do not plan to stop there. I will continue until I can teach this wonderful art form.


For more information, there are tons on the internet and many wonderful books. In the meantime, get a massage for what ails you!!!


Editor's Note* Vickie Haywood is a Reiki Master. EST 2002 © 100117011811



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