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Social distancing, unemployment and jobs lost during COVID-19 quarantine demand inventive 'stay at home' suggestions...


January 12, 2021 |

Delilah Penn, Staff Reporter


So you're stuck at home... What to do? I know everyone is going stir crazy so I found someone who got very creative with "stay at home" and I'm pretty sure he's a real-life winter snow fairy!


You could become a winter snow fairy too. Perhaps an inventive way to social distance during COVID, creating a new kind of polar plunge without the water or the crowd!


I wonder what everyone is doing still stuck at home? Do they have or did they get a dog or other pet while COVID rages on? Do they catch up on home repairs, work from home, what? Why is everyone getting fat if they got a dog that they need to walk?


I don't know about your area but in mine the "Hiring Now" signs are everywhere. l don't understand the unemployment. It seems to me if your unemployment benefits ran out and there's no money, even being employed at a fast food restaurant or learning a new skill in a factory is better than having to stand in line at a food bank for hours, hoping they don't run out before it's your turn.


I have to ask... Are we just too good for our own good? Why is no money "whoa is me", better than actually working where you can talk to people and make some money?


I saw a news program where a woman and her three children were stuck at home and the unemployment had run out. My first thought, seeing her kids were all teenagers, at least two of them working age, and the mom who seemed quite capable of going to work, could have all gotten jobs, even if it was crappy pay and hours.


They would at least be out of the house making a dime, contributing to the home/world they live in. Maybe they need a new snow shovel...? Working hasn't contributed to the spread of COVID, not that I've heard.


Is it only my small town that's still mulling around and everywhere else in the country is completely closed down? That's absurd! I think we have all just gotten so lazy, we aren't even teaching our kids to get off their butts and be a meaningful addition to society. I have millennial children and I taught them that to get anything in life, they have to work for it but... they still have the notion that stuff should fall in their laps.


I worry if my generation was the last of the hard workers, and millennials think they should be given everything, what on earth will their children expect? Will they be lovers or haters of animals because let's face it, animals can be work...


I've also heard the whining about home schooling and "I can't get my kid to pay attention..." Take their gadgets away (cell phones, video games, toys, etc.), teach them to be self-motivated, to accomplish and be proud of something in their life, something they did "on their own". This could also explain all the 30 somethin's still living at home with mama (gross)!


I have to say, I'm glad I don't have to teach, it is not in my nature because I don't have the patience, my kids would have been so grounded they'd taste dirt if they'd tried to give me the malarkey today's kids are giving their parents. It takes a special kind of someone to be a teacher, so thank you teachers.


I had chores on the farm as a kid, my first paying job at 15, I moved out at 19, had two kids, raised them to leave home and am still working at 53. If I lost this job tomorrow, I would get out and find another one even if it was to go back and work at Burger King like I did as a teenager. Staying at home with no money would not be an option!


News reports that the flu is down due to the Covid restrictions and mask wearing... BUT Covid cases are on the rise everywhere. How are the restrictions working for one virus but not the other? Is one virus smarter than the other? Nothing makes sense, you can only clean so much, you can only home improve till the money runs out, and walking your dog only clears your mind for so long before you have to come back and live in the real world.


As changed as our world may be, there are safe ways to work and be a contributing person to society.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure one snow fairy is all we need!

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