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Animal breeders are genetic experts but I know a little about people pedigrees and things are changing faster than you can swat a fly.


Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance

January 31, 2024


One of my service buddies called yesterday and we talked about what’s going on at the southern border. That led to us muddling through the genetic impact on America. He is a hunter and knows a lot about animals but he blew me away about “Mother nature” having a plan and eons of evolution under her belt.


He said that unlike sponges and jellyfish that have been here over 500 million years, we humans have only been around for 6 million years. He put it in perspective by pointing out that we haven’t changed that much compared to a virus that can spin on a dime and give you “change” before you know it.



Well, I don’t know much about germs, my job was to study people and clearly, we are getting a genetic overhaul. This flood of immigrants will forever change America. Whether you breed dogs, cattle or sheep, you know how quickly new characteristics can slip into the gene pool.


America was built by Europeans. I can hear BJ saying something… She’s right but my point is that today we are welcoming mid-Eastern and Orientals even though we were fighting them not long ago.


I don’t pretend to know genetics like you dog breeders but I know a Bulldog is way different than a terrier and it isn’t just size.


So the current influx of immigrants will forever change American genetics. Our descendants will be changed physically but most of all, behaviorally, what you dog breeders call “temperament”.


I knew some of this, having studied and fought them. Asians are smart and strong and that’s why they are ancient. They entered North America about 13,000 years ago by crossing the Bering Strait via a now-extinct land bridge. Some of those explorers decided to stay in the far north. We call them Eskimos. Other ‘first Americans’ kept on going as the warmer weather drew them southward.


They pretty much stopped and stayed in what we call the Great Plains. I don’t know why we called that bunch “Indians” but I’ve heard it was because Columbus thought that’s where he made land. Anyway, most of those First Americans retain Asian features, i.e. high cheek bones and brownish skin color.


After a while, more Europeans came and did what people do, they followed the sun’s warmth and spread southward. It looks like the Spaniards got a jump ahead, actually landing their boats further south in what is now Florida. The point is that the further the Europeans went, the more “natives” they encountered.


With bullets against arrows, the result was a slaughter of those “natives” or as is the more correct term, the First Americans.


But here’s the thing. No American is deprived of personal success unless they are uneducated, addicted, or mentally challenged. That guarantee does not apply to the mass of “undocumented” i.e. ILLEGAL ALIENS who are now flooding into our country.



My point is that you can’t turn a spaniel into a pit bull nor a Clydesdale into a racehorse. Genetics matter. It was the bravest Europeans who dared to cross a vast ocean in a wooden boat. Sure, they were “immigrants” but in 1492 they had capable captains who enabled them to find and found the vast land we call America.


I’m not sure what we have today. Those brave, capable European-American genetics are being diluted by weak immigration policies. America is where everyone wants to be but at what cost to Americans? If you love and protect animals it might be wise to do likewise for your family genetics. EST 2002 © Jan 2024



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