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Dogs and guns have protected Americans since 1607 and won wars around the world so why are both being actively legislated against in 2022?


May 25, 2022

Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance


President Biden says “our enemy is the gun manufacturers..." and brags that he is “the only person that beat the NRA nationally.” I will not contradict my President. Many people today know nothing about the NRA  (National Rifle Association) and misunderstand its purpose. In a nutshell, here is what the NRA was and is today.


The National Rifle Association was founded in 1871 by two guys, William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate in New York.” The purpose was to improve rifle marksmanship for sportsmen and hunters who we depended on to put food on the table. I found it interesting that "The NRA is America's first longest-standing civil rights organization and boasts over five million members."


In 2019 Joe Biden stated “We should have smart guns. No gun should be able to be sold unless your biometric measure could pull that trigger.” I don’t know exactly what that means but people usually pull the trigger…


Then Vice President Biden said in a June 2021 debate “Our enemy is the gun manufacturers, not the NRA. The gun manufacturers.


My military sources say he was/is quietly advocating for a new regulation requiring gun manufacturers to include a “biometric system that would prohibit guns from being fired by people whose fingerprints are not registered for that specific weapon.


Now, in 2022 President Biden seems to be openly against homeowners having a firearm for protection. He has had tax-payer paid protection for years. Is he in denial about the risk to families who can no longer depend on police protection?



One of my service buddies is a little over the top about gun control. He said in most states, the term “gun control” means YOU can’t just go out and buy a gun. You have to go through all kinds of paperwork and background checks. He laughed and added “but unregistered guns can still be purchased.” He didn’t have to explain so I won’t either.


Back to dogs. Which is more effective, a dog or a gun? No point in wasting time on that subject. Too many assumptions to calculate – trained guard dog or one that loves everyone? Trained gun owner or someone who bought a gun because he “should” but doesn’t know how to use it.


How does having a firearm or canine protection stack up from the legal standpoint? Is a license required for either one where you live?


Gun owners have many State and National associations to turn to. Dog owners have no organized lobby for dog owners. AKC and other dog Registries or dog groups have proven ineffective in such legal matters.


My west coast buddy told me that in February of 2022 the city of San Jose California voted to Force Gun Owners to buy liability insurance and to pay an annual gun owner fee. He said it goes into effect this August. Will this spread across the country?


Probably, although the 2nd Amendment says nothing about having to pay for a Constitutionally guaranteed right.



One thing seems evident. No one is safe in America these days. On the other hand, I have buddies serving in toilet-less countries who have to duck and return fire almost every damned day. Think of them when you look up state law or local dog ordinances where you live. Then thank your maker for letting you be born in America but only after you’ve refreshed your recall of the U.S. Constitution.


If you or a friend are having trouble with local “dog laws” be informed and be cool. Read the state and local law. You have a right to personal protection and safety for your family.


If you don’t have a deterrent dog, talk to several (not just one person!) credentialed dog trainers and dog breeders. An untrained mutt will instinctively protect you and your turf but the best home security is a poison-proofed, protection-trained guard dog! The only thing better is two, one outside and one at the foot of your bed…


Be sure to check out your city ordinances as regards dog ownership, breed or size restrictions. You may be motivated to become as involved in local politics as a million mothers have been motivated to “pay attention” to school curriculums.


Whether you are a man or woman, the burden of home security is on you. There are a lot of dedicated men and women protecting us 24/7 but with what’s going on in some areas, many of them are pulling double shifts. It may still be up to you and your alert security dog to keep your family safe.


A well-trained, poison-proofed dog is security, both in peace of mind and from a practical point of view. EST 2002 © May 2022



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