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Dog Owner 2020 Facts And Stats


Over 85 million families own pets for which we spent over $72 billion in 2019 making us one of the most powerful purchasing groups in America – and the world!


January 6, 2020 |

Vickie Haywood, Reiki Master, Dog Sports Editor


There are over 330 million people in the U.S. per the U.S. Census Bureau. {Ref #1} and statistics show the average spending of $139.73 per month on our pets in 2019! {Ref #2} We spoil our pets with premium dog foods, dog toys, plush pet beds and grooming salon visits. As dog owners we have an overwhelming amount of purchasing power which rivals the combined purchases of cat and bird owners.



You choose where to buy all the peripheral supplies connected to dog ownership. From leashes and collars to chain link fencing. Big dog owners even chose the family vehicle based on space for the dog.


Your buying power translates to the Veterinarian you use, the groomer you use, the places you purchase your pet foods and all other types of pet products. While for dog owners it is tempting to buy low cost tools and products, that does not always translate into saving money as those "cheap" products may not last very long. Cheap dog food might lead to obesity or other food related diseases. Even using that cheap groomer on the corner may not be a wise choice. Veterinarians are NOT cheap but perhaps you should take a closer look at what is on the shelf!


All dogs, all breeds can do this! Let’s make some New Year’s resolutions!!! Dogs need human companionship and training so let’s resolve to spend more time with them and earn a title or two.


There are so many new things out there to have fun with! Nose work, barn hunt, FAST cat.. Trick dog, Canine Good Citizen and a newer title CGC 2... and don’t forget how rewarding it is to share the comfort and joy of your dog by taking them to nursing homes, schools, or in visiting the fire and police department!


Let us make a binding resolution to research what we feed our pets instead of grabbing just any old bag of food at the grocery store.


Let’s resolve to insist on a Titer test before we just let the veterinarian give more vaccines without knowing if our beloved pet is already protected.


Why not resolve to take Fluffy to the groomer on a regular schedule instead of waiting many months before suddenly deciding he’s not looking so Fluffy!!! That makes in harder on Fluffy and probably will make grooming more expensive.


Let’s make a resolution to be kinder to all those pet owners who seek answers on social media sites instead of just lambasting them when they ask the same question already asked (and answered) 55 times this week.


For breeders and those showing dogs, resolve to be active in your local obedience or kennel club, to help prepare, hold, and clean up after the show... yes sometimes we have to sacrifice exhibiting in your club’s dog show in order to help your club manage the local show but if we don't make the effort… there will be NO MORE dog clubs holding shows for you to attain titles!!!


Resolve to give and give generously to your breed club’s canine health foundation... they NEED that matching Grant Money!!


Let’s resolve to mentor at least one person this year. Pass on the knowledge as someone did for you. Future generations of dog fanciers NEED that knowledge!


Happy New Year!!!


Reference Information: #1    ~    #2 American Veterinary Medical Assoc. EST 2002 © 20S01



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