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When will AKC finally hear us? When will they stop those whose only concern is the money and prestige the dogs bring them?


April 2016

Sherry L. Shivley, Top Journalist Award 2014


Lovely show bitch AFTER handler neglectIn the past, it was reported right here in that a well-known handling family had been removed from the American Boxer Club{1}.  Yet they once again made an appearance at a show with a dog at least 20 lbs underweight with sores on its body.


Not only was the Boxer community horrified, but the other working dog people were shocked.


Now, it gets even WORSE! The Judge apparently had no clue as to what a Boxer should look like when in prime show shape, so she put this dog up as WD!! Instead of doing the Honorable thing - excusing the dog and reporting the handlers for animal abuse, this Judge, and I use the term loosely- awarded that dog! Did she even look at the dog? Was she too busy looking at who was at the other end of the leash?


The opinion expressed by exhibitors and spectators who witnessed this was that both the handlers and the judge should have been brought up on charges, possibly kicked out of future showing completely. The handlers because of repeated abuse of the animals in their care, and the judge for rewarding them for what ringside sees as an abused animal.


We need to send a message to all who claim to be professional handlers - these are living, breathing beings. Take care of them body and soul. We as owners entrust our pets to you. Our dogs have no way of contacting us to report their care so we have to rely on others, including AKC, to insure the care and safety of our dogs.


I understand handlers must make a profit to stay in business but if you are truly professional and care for the dogs as you would your children, you will be rewarded by more than a ribbon and a check. You will be given the respect and trust of your peers and most of all, the love of an animal who has faith that you will care for them.


Loving Boxer fancier Nancy Kanner

DON'T leave them crated except for short potty breaks


DON'T ignore their pleas for attention


DON'T treat them as if they are stuffed animals


DO give them fresh water, food, and exercise


DO let the owners know if their dog becomes ill- not just when it wins


DO have the integrity to report any unusual treatment you see.


It is time for all of us to stand up for what is right. If you see an animal being abused- whether it’s verbal, physical or neglect at a show, PLEASE REPORT IT TO THE AKC REPRESENTATIVE.


Take photos for proof. Find out who the owner is and contact them about how their dog is being treated. Have witnesses willing to back up your claim. Keep a paper trail!


The judge's decision is final and it is what we pay for. We understand that but exhibitors do expect knowledge, integrity, and fairness in exchange for the entry fees. At many shows there is not even an AKC Representative so anything goes or so it seems.


Until next time, See ya around the ring!! Dog Bless and may every dog have the Respect and Love they deserve.


ref #1 AKC's Wrinkles Are Showing, Handlers Gary, Kim, and Michelle Steele expelled from the national Boxer Club for neglect.

Don't miss Dog Show Abuse Part Two More examples of unthinking handler neglect of show dogs, AKC ignoring it, and what dog show exhibitors or at-home owners can do to protect their dogs. EST 2002 © 16043166




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