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Carnivores don’t usually eat things that are dry, they don't eat dirt, corn, wheat… they eat meat. Whether it’s a first kill or the remains of a previous one, it isn’t dry.


May 26, 2020 |

Denise Lovette, Guest Writer


Sure, dogs have strong salivary glands and they drip when they pant or anticipate the food bowl “that they are about to receive” (dogs pray too). But these ii carnivores are still not equipped by nature to eat dry dog food kibble.



So why in the world do we go against nature and feed dogs kibble? Did you know kibble originated in England but the Brits are still big on raw meat! We use it because it is more practical. When people became more and more civilized and city-bound, dry dog food was a better way to preserve dog food for an extended amount of time. We still love our dogs and want to take care of them, we just like the convenience of kibble, scoop it quick and throw it in the bowl.


Dry dog food is not only convenient but nutritious. The dog food manufactures fill it full of vitamins and minerals and all that other good stuff like ii palatants (NOT!), this would be because corn and wheat don't have much nutritional value and/or a good smell to our dogs! Kibble is handy but not great. There really isn't much more to say about this. s. s. s. You get it.


You know what your dog would choose first if he had a choice. He may like that dry crunchy treat you’re giving and I have fed Milk-Bones for years, but that's only for convenience sake not for the health and preference of my dogs, it makes me happy they get so excited for that fake bone. Given the choice of a bone made of wheat/corn or give the option of a good old raw bone and see which one they snatch and run off with.


Doesn’t it worry or bother you when your dog, and more so for me in my Bengal cats, prefer the dry food to real turkey??


I really wonder about those ingredients I can’t pronounce, are they some kind of drug that makes the animals addicted to the kibble? Some say yes and some say, oh no it’s just nutritious stuff…?


With my Bengal cats, I only give a small portion of kibble (they say a cat’s stomach is the size of a golf ball) and with kittens, I always wet the food till it swells.


I know the dogs and cats need the crunchy to help with teeth cleaning, but I wonder about that too. Have you ever eaten certain cereals, in milk, and it seems to stick to your teeth? Not too sure kibble isn’t doing the same to my animal’s teeth. Now you are talking about brushing, Uugghh!


The one thing I have found though, because let’s face it, we are all going to feed kibble, is that when I feed the dry dog food kibble, I always add liquid to it before feeding, hence the dribble. In the case of my dogs, they gobble so quickly, that the dry kibble sticks in their throat and they get choked. If it is wet down, it has already had a chance to absorb some of the moisture and expand making it safer to swallow in gulps instead of all that food expansion in their gut. I don’t risk bloating by doing this PLUS I don’t feel like I’ve totally neglected them ‘cause I gave them gravy😊


Anyway, before I digress further, just remember, if you aren’t feeding a purely real/raw wet diet, be sure to add a little liquid to that dry dog food kibble. It is better for their digestion and easier to swallow. Dribble in their kibble!! EST 2002 © 20S05



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