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When giving this year, remember those who protect you because our National Guard, police and their dogs are retiring but crime rates are soaring.


December 20, 2021

Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance


You have a family dog to comfort and protect you but here’s a simple way to help the people who help us. I’m not just talking about our military. Sure, they use dogs to help keep the peace but soldiers get plenty of Christmas goodies so think closer to home.



Law enforcement, sheriffs and police! Those people and their trained canines protect you every day, around the clock. Yeah, I hear you saying both are well paid but how much is their life or their eyesight or a leg worth?


Let your local police and fire department know you’re grateful for their services. What if you guys sent a big gift package to your closest military base and another one to your police or sheriff’s department? Thank them for keeping you safe. Include your fire department too.


But listen up. Don’t send homemade cookies or candies. In these times, such things are suspect. It is what it is so send gifts that are factory-wrapped, sealed and delivered by Amazon or FedX. You get it, no bomb or poison. Sender clearly stated. So order whatever gift seems appropriate and then later, call to make sure they got the package and thank them again.



Here’s the best gift I’ve heard about this year. One of my retired buddies sent a pile of old 45s to his commander in Afghanistan. He knew the Colonel had his still-working player shipped wherever he was stationed. We kidded him about being so inventive but hey, it was as thoughtful a present as anyone could dream up. Ray even included a couple of Bing Crosby Christmas songs.


Got off track there. My intent here was to remind you of who will protect you in 2022. I forgot about your never-goes-off-duty Chihuahua and your ability to use a firearm safely.


One more thing. Me and a couple of my buddies called the radio station and asked them to do something special for the guys at the base. The day host called me today to say they had over 40 phone calls yesterday. Try it where you live.



Here’s something you can do for your local protectors, the ones you just take for granted, like police and firefighters. Organize a group to put together something special for your Coast Guard and National Guard. They are not only your first defense, the Guard is there, your last chance for help if all hell breaks loose. “By land or by sea” yeah, the Guard never gets enough credit.


And hey! No matter what state you live in, send a “thank you card” to the Texas governor for taking the lead in securing our southern border. You know it isn’t about “illegal aliens” no, it is the flood of illegal drugs.


Did you know that fentanyl is one of the drugs used to “put animals to sleep” permanently? The border crisis isn’t just people who will drain our resources, it is about the drugs that addict and kill your kids.


One more thing. Call your police or sheriff’s office. Offer to sponsor a police dog, to help pay for purchase or training. Make it a better, safer New Year for everyone. It is the best gift you can give to America and to your hometown. EST 2002 © Dec 2021



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