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What is your club doing to prevent the loss of precious memories, trophies, photos and genetic knowledge when a legendary breeder retires or dies?


July 2018

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief, SAAB


How many breed treasures are lost or donated away? Is your breed club acting now to preserve decades of breed history and knowledge gained from experience? What about your local kennel club? Once-famous dog people are forgotten when age or health prevents them from attending club meetings or dog shows. Do you miss them at national specialties? Do you wish you could get those genetics again?


Is the dog fancy fickle? Are we too busy building our own legacies to honor the people who made the sport of dogs or their breed truly great?


What follows is one of many exchanges with a woman whose life was centered in “the dog fancy”, her breed, and the friends she once saw frequently… Take a minute to call or email your breed mentor, your one-time best friend, the person you soooo admired and respected… Perhaps you had a falling out or your lives just moved on. What about now? What does it cost you?


Felicia Lubrich, Sirgo Rottweilers is a legend in dogs and with her permission, we share this with you.


“Felicia, there's not a person out there who has been in dogs a long time that won't relate to this. We all dread the time when we must start thinking about what to do with breed memorabilia, history, photos, and records. Many of us have a legacy to leave and with which to educate others in our breed. Just like our bloodline will outlive us and all our friends, so will the internet. I want people who never had the honor of meeting you or owning a Srigo dog to know you and what you stand for.” ~ BJ Andrews


“Thanks to my friend/handyman, Russ, I went to Westminster. I would love to go to Crufts and then Germany to see my German friend, Luise Daser, one last time. I do laps around the house because I can't walk on cement due to my Scoliosis.


I've been working cleaning out my files… sending all pedigrees I have that are not of my dogs to Paw Village. The rest I'm dividing into 3 parts. One part I will keep. One part I will offer to CRC (Colonial Rottweiler Club) or ARC (American Rottweiler Club). The rest goes to the 4H including a (huge) pile of magazines plus all books that are not on Dobes or Rotties. Those I'd like to go to a REAL breeder (not a puppy maker) if I can find one.


I'll have to go to the next CRC or ARC if it is close enough. I still have five file cabinets … to work through. I don't want it to end up in the garbage when I pass on.


My doctor told me I had a heart like a Mack Truck. I'm sure that is due to my ancestors who did not survive if they were not strong (Yugoslavia) … I was scrubbing floors and selling shopping bags on 9th Ave & 40th St in NYC when I was 12 years old. Dorothea Gruenerwald calls me Superwoman. I recently sent her a crystal pendant with the head of a Rottweiler embossed on it as a token of my esteem for her. A trifle, but from the heart.


… my favorite dog, Zuzu died … and I am not over it yet. I'm lucky in many ways, but being alone & not being able to drive is difficult. There are good days & bad. I MISS all the dog activity SO much. It was my life. Some things just can't be replaced with another activity (although) getting my dog "stuff" to the right places is now my biggest desire & job. Sometimes I think my eyes will bulge out of my head as I'm reading so much Xeroxed material & handwritten letters and I've only just started!!


It's my duty & my desire to preserve as much important information as I can. Russ reminded me that I'm to be 82, NOT 81 as I had thought. I'm hoping there is a good reason why I'm still alive.





Take Time. Right now. Call an old friend (perhaps that is Felicia), check with your local Kennel Club and your national Breed Club secretary. Ask if the club is actively keeping in touch with elderly members and what they are doing to obtain and preserve Breed Memorabilia. EST 2002 © 1807



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