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Why shop for a family pet? You want a new family member that suits your style, accommodations and activities so comparison-shop breeders and bloodlines.


February 3, 2020 |

CinDee Byer, Breed Clubs Editor


First, everyone should become well educated on the breed before purchasing any animal, rescued, registered or otherwise! Whether you are adopting a dog from a rescue, a shelter or dog breeder, you are shopping for a dog and probably buying a dog.



You are purchasing an animal that you hope will live with you for many years. Purchasing an animal is a commitment for the life of that dog. The safety of the dog as well as the safety of family, friends and neighbors depends on your planning, shopping and commitment.


Number 2, don’t pretend. 99% of everyone who “rescues” a dog is shopping for a dog! Purchasing a dog from a rescue or shelter is no different than buying one from a pet shop or dog breeder. We all have an idea of what we want and what we like. At the minimum, a person who “adopts” will still determine the size, coat type, age and temperament of the dog they want. This is shopping!



By definition, shopping is comparing items that the consumers purchase less frequently and comparing with available alternatives in the market. Consumers need time, planning and research to make a good decision on whether to buy the product or not.


Number 3, shopping educates the consumer and produces a better outcome. Comparison shopping should never be discouraged. In reality, it is actually safer to deal with an established dog breed in order to compare the more predictable characteristics. Likewise in most cases it is safer to deal with an established breeder.



Why? An established breeder uses contracts. In those contracts are words such as “buyer and seller”. In many states there are puppy lemon laws which protect consumers who have contracted with a breeder for puppy. Most often these puppy lemon laws do not apply to dog “adoptions”. Adoption fees are considered a donation and are non-refundable.


Number 4, anyone telling a puppy buyer to put blinders on and “go with the heart when adopting a dog” is doing the consumer and the dog a disservice. This kind of promotion puts both the consumer and the dog in jeopardy.


“Adopting” a dog blindly runs a greater risk that the purchase will not work out. Often times a returned dog will be rehomed again and again. To an unscrupulous rescue “organization” these dogs become “the gift that keeps on giving.” This is when an animal charity becomes an animal cruelty.


Remember, no one gets a higher seat in heaven because they use words like “adoption.” Just as money cannot buy love; adoption cannot buy love.



Finding the right dog for our lifestyle and accommodations is the one we can love and should buy. When we purchase a dog it is because we have love to give. We choose a dog that is best for our home so we can give the appropriate care to that dog. We shop to become informed about the dog we choose. We shop to become educated. We shop to make the right choice so our dogs do not end up in shelters.


We educate ourselves so our dogs do not produce other dogs that then become shelter animals. So be proud – “shop 1st and “adopt” later”!


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