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Uterus For Sale And It’s Full!


Today I saw an ad that sickened me. A photo of a pregnant, nine year old, German Shepherd Dog “for sale cheap” until FIVE DAYS before her due date.


April 2017

Tam Cordingley, CSI Instructor, SAAB


What is wrong with these people? Is this old girl nothing but a puppy incubator? To be used up until she dies of a ruptured uterus? This is puppy milling at its worst. This isn't a loved and cared for member of the seller's dog family, this is, to this seller, only a uterus.

Why did a supposedly reputable publication accept this ad? Why are people not up in arms? For that matter why is HSUS and ASPCA not condemning this? Why was this poor old female bred? Obviously not to keep a puppy for a breeding program as the bitch and her unborn litter are for sale.

What do we, as dog people, think of this? Please respond with your thoughts. Mine are that there is no sin in breeding dogs, no sin in making money in dogs, but there is sin in abusing and not respecting our dogs. We owe them care, decent housing and food, veterinary care, and the dignity of retirement.

Does this dog not deserve to stay with her people? Does she not deserve some compassion? Maybe I'm wrong but the ads, both domestic and foreign, for GSD females either pregnant or prominently advertised as "in heat now" are sickening to me.

This is obviously not for the betterment of the breed, not for a young show puppy, not to produce a good working dog, this is only for greed. Many older bitches who have had many fine litters are not retired - they are sold to anyone who is willing to take the gamble that they will live long enough to produce one more litter. Often they are sold from Europe and die shortly after arriving in the US.

One or more of the social media sites has this type of ad up often. Does nobody monitor the postings? Is this right? Where is the line between responsible breeding and puppy milling? Am I simply old fashioned to believe an older female deserves to be retired with love and dignity?

What do these people value, a purebred dog with a mind and working ability? A living being with emotions or simply a package for a uterus?


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