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Nikolas Cruz practiced animal cruelty, suffered IATC, ADHD... and killed 17 people. See this historical SCHOOL SHOOTINGS LIST and you told readers where society went wrong.


February 28, 2018

Col. Sam Harper, Dogsport Reconnaissance


The February 2, 2018 school shooting in Parkland Florida was preceded by a history of animal cruelty, a prime indicator of violence against humans. My daughter is having second thoughts about becoming a school teacher so we talked about school terrorism.


She said “schools aren’t what they used to be…” I agreed. Neither is the FBI. We know of at least one confirmed report to the FBI, a phone call on January 5th that lasted over 13 minutes in which a female caller told the FBI that Cruz had vowed to “shoot up the school”.


I made some calls.  Local officials are also responsible for this predicted school shooting. Nikolas Cruz was not watched even though he had a known background of animal cruelty. Cruz bragged about shooting squirrels and chickens with a pellet gun (which is not to kill but to inflict a painful reaction) and “trying to get a dog to attack a piglet”.


Intentional Animal Torture and Cruelty (IATC) is a known behavior pattern among serial murderers and rapists. Nikolas Cruz is but one example. I explained to my daughter and talked to other veterans.  We worry this will escalate into more calls for “gun control” instead of “help the mentally challenged”.


I wasn’t a medic but I learned how to spot a life-threatening situation. How can mainstream media ignore the connection between violence and the onslaught of vaccines our kids suffer today? Was this kid (not old enough to vote) on medication? Or was he off his meds?


In 2017 there were 307 mass shootings in the U.S., nearly one per day. As for Cruz, no officer I served under would have ignored the warning signs of attack. I’ve been told I could “read sign better than an injun” but as a spotter, that was my job. It is a teacher’s job to understand and keep an eye on kids. It is the FBI’s job to “read and heed” the clear signals this guy gave out.


First off, we know that most psychopaths or serial killers have a history of animal abuse. Nick Cruz had just turned 19 years old. I made another phone call and confirmed he was suffering from autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) but those significant facts have barely been mentioned in the media. Was he still on medication? Short of calling pharmacies in his area, I couldn’t uncover that.


The connection between psychotropic meds, violence and vaccines is the biggest news of this century but the media ignores it. Why? Because the pharmaceutical industry is among their biggest advertisers. Nothing excuses what Cruz did nor can anything mitigate the unbearable loss the victims’ parents are suffering - but was he on medications? If so, was he taking his meds? Then, when I thought I was on the right track, my daughter showed me a whole vaccine section on her tablet.


OK, I get it, she also showed me Instant Information on ii Vaccine Facts & History, Chronological coverage of vaccines from 1981's lab-created Parvo to exposing today's health risks of over-vaccination; VID and Vaccinosis.


Jeannie then found where the Miami Herald reported “Nikolas Cruz was getting treatment at Henderson Mental Health” but not much about his medications or psychiatric evaluations. Again, not making excuses for a mass killer but Cruz was an orphan. His adoptive mother, Lynda Cruz, died of pneumonia on Nov. 1, 2017, following which he moved in with Jim Lewis, a lawyer representing the family. Mr. Lewis said there had been no notable behavioral issues and no warning of the horror unfolding in the mind of Nikolas Cruz. No mention of meds.


Many medical scholars refute the connection between school shootings and psychotropic meds or the veritable vaccine assault on developing minds. I see it as sure as I can spot a sniper. I asked my kid to research the explosion of school massacres as compared to what she says is a growing list of vaccines required for educational enrollment. That was an eye-opener! So was the big increase in drug use.  Is that due to easy availability or because doctors have been over-prescribing since year 2000? 


Does this list of ii List Of School Shootings hold the causative answer? Note the increase in school shootings in just over a decade. Jeannie pointed out there were as many school shootings (15) after the advent of required immunizations as occurred in the entire previous half-century!


My position is simple. Let teachers carry and/or hire retired soldiers and law enforcement officers to protect our kids. Note I said “Officers” not rank and file. I’ve learned that “dog people” are studied and thoughtful people. The webmaster agreed so he’s giving you the floor.  Where do you think society went wrong?


Comments have closed, thanks to our readers - here are some that we selected...

Anonymous said: wow what a leap...immunizations, really? With nothing linking them except they both increased in the last 10 years (I'm not saying that's true but that's your claim without references to any proof btw)? Let me guess, you've never passed a science class in your life...


Bonnie Hale said: The whole shebang has gone wrong IMHO. It's everyone looking out for themselves anymore, and if you don't want to be "politically correct" you are labeled with being "whatever"; racist, mean, nosy, or too religious, some darn thing to explain away your sensible solutions. The egregious failures of so many, cannot even list them all that ALLOWED this young man to end up doing what he did, should shame the entire bunch. There is no way this should ever have happened :(


Sunny Wippert said: @Carol Baker, Itʻs hard to be a conservative these days. What happened to Huckabee is perfect example. As for the political positions in the dog fancy, Liberal or Conservative, I think we all share the same ideals concerning property rights and business practices concerning our dogs.

     School security has to be a local issue. President Trump has said local districts will get Federal Assistance. Some districts may want to train teachers who want to conceal carry in the classrooms providing onsite armed security and a deterrence to would-be assailants.. Others may find problems with that and have another approach. Also, a national list of certain (not all) mental disorders certainly should be available for background checks. (for example I think agoraphobia is a disorder that effects a persons life in a major way but shouldn't preclude gun ownership). It's not simple but this is a new world that sadly means our kids need to be locked in and guarded, while we deal with other problems like mental illness, drugs, violent video games and the decline of the nuclear family. And all the anger and rudeness that seems to be everywhere these days.


Carol Baker said: I love this discussion stuff you guys have. I just commented on "the Joan Huber case". It is more about dogs than this story but I find the dog fancy is really all about a lot of different people and ideas. Just saw on TV this morning that Mike Huckabee was kicked off the country music board because of his conservative position. Why don't you people do a survey on the political position of show people? Most of my friends are pretty liberal but what was just too much.


Sherry White said: I think this is something that needs to be addressed by our law enforcement and our government.


Bill Carpenter said: I've watched the TV takeoff on this and I agree in theory with all everyone said below but only in theory. In reality the only way to cut back on these tragedies is to take away the guns. Try doing that in Chicago or Detroit or South LA. The only guns we'll get are those owned by law abiding citizens. Citizens, the people who will soon be outnumbered are the only people bound by the Constitution. I'm new in dogs but not in the law and politics. This poor kid was a victim of a too busy, hands off, permissive, over-medicated, over-indulged society. I was surprised that a dog rag covered it but it needs to be acknowledged.


Stan Mullen said: The shooter had been reported to exhibit sudden impulsive behavior (walking down the school hallways and deliberately bumping into other students, suddenly jumping up from his desk and dancing, etc.). So we can assume that he was prescribed "downers". They are known to produce "depression". Some people with "depression" decide to commit suicide and some of them decide to take other people out with them (to give their unhappy lives notice and importance). WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO ALLOW PEOPLE TAKING THESE DRUGS TO OWN FIREARMS. The school shooter back in Connecticut and Roseburg, Oregon were on drugs. The one in Roseburg was taking "lithium", for instance. If we let the drug loophole continue--we are asking for more school shootings.


Pat Rock said: Common sense dictates that if you assemble people in a "gun free zone" you have a responsibility to protect them. No matter the cost, schools for children need to be fenced and gates secured and an armed guard on duty. College campuses should have metal detectors to prevent criminals from entering buildings.

     Broward County is one corrupt government among many. The policy has been that criminal acts by middle and high school students are not reported, but are supposedly handled within the school, keeping the crime rate apparently lower for political reasons.

     I started public school in the 1950's, when children were taught by their parents that teachers should be respected and fellow students were, too. That was in the days of polio, and there were always one or two students in every class wearing a leg brace or walking with a crutch. Those kids weren't bullied! Yes, we need to identify the mentally ill, and not ignore signs of potential criminality, but we also need to go back to teaching civility in the home. A government can only work when the vast majority of the citizenry is law-abiding. EST 2002 ©   1802





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