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Did you ever think about why our political enemies use subversive legislation to control what we hold most dear… our children, dogs, Constitution?


May 2017

Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Editor-In-Chief


Why don’t they regulate pet cats, parrots, or goldfish? In the first instance, cat owners have claws and have proven they will use them. Secondly, it’s harder to get legislative support for something nobody sees… They see our children, they see our dogs, and they see our vulnerabilities.


PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and HSUS (Humane Society Of The United States) make a living pimping “Animal Rights” legislation, learn about ii Animal Rights Origin & History. Protecting the rights of animals is an incredibly illogical political premise designed to diminish Human Rights. How can intelligent people fall for it?!? Think about it.


As a pet owner besieged by restrictive animal laws, it is no comfort to be told “you are not alone” because small scale farmers and ranchers are also being legislatively stripped of their basic rights to use their land and animals to feed a hungry world.


Absolutely we must be humane about mass production that treats pigs like laying hens but those factory farms can afford legal representation and top lobbying firms. Can you afford the legal bills if you chose to defy local regulations and not castrate or spay your dog because you know the health risks?


Can you risk your children to the barrage of vaccinations now mandated in most states? Do we ignore the rising rate of autism among youngsters? Apparently so. They started by convincing us to vaccinate our pets into walking cash registers for the vaccine manufacturers.


ii Constitution of the United States of America

ii All Amendments including Bill of Rights, preamble and 1st 10 amendments

Our enemies are legion and they are patient. They seek to confuse our reason, destroy our values, and ultimately, enslave with laws that usurp the very freedom that Americans fought to gain. Instead of defending our own Inalienable Rights, we egotistically send Americans to foreign lands to die attempting to change beliefs that predate ours by a thousand centuries! Read and understand the U.S. Constitution!


Most legislators have lost touch with everything except their own agendas and how to stroke their egos.


We’re addicted to social media but can’t carry on a meaningful conversation with our parents. Common sense is now fiction. We raise a fist to fight the “animal rights” whackos while the other hand writes a check to HSUS because of those heart-wrenching TV ads. We believe in a fairy tale future but refuse to face the fact that our way of life is at risk.


Much of it has already been lost. Once upon a time everyone had a family doctor. You may not remember that but with nearly 80 trips around the sun, I do. Today we have “medical care” regulated by insurance, state, and federal laws.


Pet owners, even those who live in high-rise luxury, must spay and neuter or face fines.


We talk about Animal Rights but animals have no rights because if they did they would prefer to keep the health preserving organs nature intended them to have…


Would castration and hysterectomy not be in the political best interests of the human race? Did you know that as recently as the last decade China killed newborn female babies in order to control a population of over a billion people? It was called “female gendercide.” Today they use prenatal testing and “sex-selective abortion” but still have a growing problem, no pun intended.


Is government regulated birth control legislation in the offing as the human population explodes in America? (In 2016 we were up to 324,118,787 people, accounted for…) Are we psychologically conditioned by having been convinced spay and neuter is necessary and actually “healthy”?


Here’s another example of legislative progress. Where once we bought organic fruits and vegetables from roadside stands, we now accept chemically treated, genetically modified or imported “foodstuffs.” We and our pets are then subjected to “managed healthcare” that fails to connect today’s eating habits with obesity, diabetes - instant information specific to ii Canine Diabetes, heart failure, and psychological disorders.


These are but a few of the political and ideological facts we face. Through legislation against farmers, ranchers, and animal breeders, cotton and wool is too costly. So we wear synthetic clothing and accept goldfish as “cool” companions.


In your parents lifetime, ownership of a purebred dog was a mark of distinction among the upper crust. Today it is politically incorrect to buy a pet instead of “adopting” a needy animal.


Mid-term elections are upon us. We must demand that our local and state legislators protect our Rights and preserve a free America. We should turn off the TV and pick up a history book before we’ve forgotten what freedom was, once upon a time in America.


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