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48 Months Of Human Abuse

Michael and wife Susan Lauer (Shar-Pei) were falsely arrested on 21 counts of animal abuse/torture and AKC suspended their privileges but that was only the beginning...


May 2017

Michael Lauer, Shenanigans Shar-Pei


In April of 2015, I and my wife Susan Lauer of Shenanigans Shar-Pei, were arrested on 21 counts of animal abuse/torture. The AKC suspended all of our AKC privileges shortly thereafter.


I just wanted to report that as of April 20th, 2017, ALL charges were dismissed and the expungement process will be complete soon, meaning all record of the charges will be permanently removed from public records.


I have seen numerous articles in about animal rights people coming in and doing illegal seizures of dogs from breeders.


We had been breeders of Shar-Pei for over 25 years, had numerous Best In Show winners and breed winners three times at Westminster KC. I was the first person to show a Shar-Pei to a group placement at Westminster KC. I was a mentor for AKC judges applying for the breed. I gave seminars all over the country, including several years at the dog show judges institute in PA.


I was one of a select few to have a sponsorship contract with Ralston-Purina and four times won the Pedigree Award for Shar-Pei.


I also handled a lot of other breeds and had nine dogs of different breeds qualify for the first Eukanuba Championship in Orlando. I would estimate I won over two hundred groups with Shar-Pei and won groups with probably at least ten other breeds. At one point in the early 2000’s nine of the top ten ranked Shar-Pei were ones we had bred at Shenanigans.


I could go on a lot more with our accomplishments but what matters now after the arrest, all of our dogs being seized, losing my job, our health insurance, our house being foreclosed on, and almost all of my retirement savings going to pay attorney fees, our lives are ruined.


Even though, according to the legal system, once the expungement process is complete there will be no record of this ever happening. Nothing will turn back the clock in our lives and we will never be able to get back or fix what's happened to us.  Click for Instant Info ii Media Mishaps In Journalism.


As a final note, six weeks prior to the “seizure” we had a routine AKC inspection and had everything marked acceptable, not even a single “needs improvement.” One day prior to the “seizure” we had a vet and two vet techs come to the house to update all shots and do a general inspection and the vet submitted a report saying all the dogs appeared well taken care of with no visible health issues. EST 2002 © 1705r4


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