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This chillingly true lost-dog report by international dog show judge Fred Lanting took place on a frigid island and is a lesson in canine strength and survivability.


April 19, 2023 |

TheDogPress Staff


Mandy Iworrigan lives on St. Lawrence Island which is about 150 miles from Nome Alaska and only about 36 miles east of Russia. The island is famous for having more sea-birds than humans but people have lived there for over 2,000 years.



Mandy was away from home visiting in the town of Savoonga when she learned that her 2 dogs had “vanished.” She couldn’t return home right then but felt sure her dogs would be there when she returned.


Well, they weren’t and none of the 1400 or so people who live on the island knew where her dogs were so everyone pitched in to help search. Like any devoted dog owner, Mandy was frantic. You can imagine her stress!


Finally, thanks to facebook, one dog was found 30 miles away and the other one was located in Wales!



We thank AP news for this heart-warming photo of the dogs united with the family. staff decided to share this story as a reminder that no matter where you live, fencing is vital to your dog’s safety.


It is not known whether the dogs just decided to wander off or if they were taken but this is an “all’s well that ends well” story. Fred Lanting, world-renowned dog trainer and judge says “No matter where you live, your dog’s best protection is a good fence!


This story could have had a tragic ending so take it as a reminder to install that fence you’ve been putting off… EST 2002 © Apr 2023



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