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Metaphor For Animal Rights

By Jan M. Powers


We dropped in at a friend's house the other night. Not long into our visit, two of their friends came by. As we were introduced and getting acquainted, without any prompting from me, the wife said something about animal rights, indicating that she did not agree with them. I encouraged her to go on, and she told us about a Labrador retriever breeder who had been set upon by local animal rights people.


Use this simple metaphor to explain animal rights and anti-breeder agendas.She was upset and confused by what had happened. Rather than go into my whole experience with ARs and anti-breeder agendas, I decided to make use of a simple metaphor.


Our host had a beautiful big grandfather clock in his front room. I walked over to it and ran my finger along the edge of a piece of molding. I looked at the layer of dust caked on my finger, and looked back at everyone. I announced that the host had failed to care for the grandfather clock properly, and that I intended to take it, or to see to it that it was removed, on the basis that someone else would care for and appreciate it more.


The host promptly signaled his disagreement and displeasure, missing my intent. But the female guest did not. She said, "Oh! I see!" and within seconds, everyone had caught my meaning.


So this is a new phrase that I have coined. "Theft - the NEW capitalism!" All you need is a shill but righteous argument which feigns to promote the best interest of the object of desire and legal authority to get anything you want!


In fact, this sort of argument was the foundation for the theft of prime farm lands from the peaceful, highly educated Cherokee Indians. The Cherokee Nation sent delegations to Washington to plead for protection from President Andrew Jackson. To no avail, their lands were seized and the people, who for thousands of years had farmed the Carolinas and Georgia, were herded like cattle on the infamous "Trail of Tears." A nation was stolen on the simple argument that the land would be more productive in the hands of the “white” southern farmers.


The Bible warns that the human heart is "evil" in some ways. I never understood this until I began to see how people rationalize so many justifications for their selfish and lustful actions.


Just like people stampeding into a department store when the doors open on a big sale day, the best and most coveted goods go first. When a typical "rescue" scenario makes local news as is often the carefully staged case, the rescued animals are grabbed up like merchandise on sale day. When you put aside the faux justifications, there should be no surprises here. People are people.


It's legalized theft, although in most cases, just barely legal. The thieves are so cocky that they barely cover the bases as they breech the civil liberties of the owners. Their operations are often illegal because there is a lack of proper procedure, due process, and in many cases, baseless grounds for seizure. That said, shame on anyone who knowingly participates in the gain and promotes the errors.


You may feel that it is in the best interests of the animal, and it may be (sometimes, but not always). However, if we support this form of forfeiture, we are ALL vulnerable to its sting. Property is property. Process is process. If the law doesn't stick to the basic tenets in the Bill of Rights, then there is literally no foundation left to our society. As a friend of mine who was a victim of AR activism said years ago, "There is NO LAW!"


We will one day all have to sleep in the same bed we (as a society) made for others. When it comes to animal control, warrantless intrusions, and illegal property seizure (our dogs are property, not children) "what goes around, comes around".



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