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If this depraved (!) TX law passes, dog show judges could face criminal charges for conscientiously examining exhibits.


June 2017

Joseph Byer, Jr., Research Editor


A proposed Bestiality Bill (see link below) is progressing through the Legislature under the radar in an attempt to codify bestiality in Texas.


Albeit a horribly incompetent bill, it means that every AKC and UKC dog show judge could be committing a felony in Texas! It is a showring rule that judges must check every male dog’s genitals to confirm that he has two normally descended testicles. Even that cursory exam of a male dog’s genitals which is required at every dog show could be considered "fondling and touching".


Dogs say “sit on it” to protect their owners, handlers, groomers… Bathing, grooming, and clipping involves sanitary cleaning around both male and female genitals. Pet groomers would be in violation when checking pets for parasites, bathing, grooming. Dog owners would also be in violation by simply cuddling with pets lying across your lap, chest or stomach.


Patrick Tarlton, executive director of Texas Deer Association, expressed concerns, stating "We utilize animal husbandry techniques that require us to insert an instrument or a finger or procedural tool into the genitals or anus of an animal." The Farm Bureau and Texas Veterinary Association obtained exceptions for animal husbandry and veterinary medical practice but pet owners perform many animal husbandry practices with their own pets -- especially dog and cat breeders.


This reeks of another well-worn Animal Rights ploy to end the breeding of dogs. Artificial Insemination (AI) is a very useful tool in the procreation of cherished lines of purebred dogs and is frequently used by dog breeders and their veterinarians who capably perform these artificial inseminations.


If laws like this Bestiality Law make it into the law libraries of this world – we will have poisoned the breeding possibilities of many who have preserved (frozen semen) Championship lines from many years ago.


Even though the bill offers as a defense, “the conduct engaged in by the actor is a generally accepted and otherwise lawful animal husbandry or veterinary practice” it would still expose all of the above mentioned people FIRST to prosecution, the expense of an attorney, and the public embarrassment of an arrest in order to apply this defense. And the defense offered is NOT clearly defined nor is it a standardized definition of “accepted practices” and the interpretation of such can only lead to more legal bills.


All this leads to is the Radical Animal Terrorists succeeding in making the breeding and keeping of purebred pets very difficult, if not impossible.


Included in those legal remedies is the judge requiring the perp to “attend a responsible pet owner course sponsored by a municipal animal shelter”.


Herein lies both the ridiculous solution (the “responsible pet owner course”) and an unfunded mandate to shelters to have ready this course for animal fornicators to learn responsible behavior.


One is driven to understand why this bill and why now? What exactly is the need for it? What urgent public crisis has this bill’s prohibitions remedied?


To read the full text of the bill, go here; ii Bestiality Bill - TX HB 1087 or to see sponsors, EST 2002 © 1706



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