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It took her 3 horrific days to die, sun roasting the wire cage in 100 degree temperatures, water and shade a few feet away, as owner Charles Bell watched, see photos…


Florence, SC August 2010


Finally, someone called animal control but it was too late.  According to the Examiner report "the black dog died horribly, deliberately left in a wire crate in the blazing sun."  Ambient temperatures were more than 100 degrees.


It was not neighbors who called authorities. Were they afraid of what the dog's owner would do to them or did they just not care?


Wayne Turner, a Heating and A/C repairman doing work in the area asked the lady of the house if the dog could be moved into the shade.  She slammed the door in his face.  When Turner returned to the area the next day and witnessed the dog’s continued suffering, he called Animal Control.


Why was she locked in that crate in the direct sun, with no shade, no water?  The answer is obvious because a bucket of water and a kennel enclosure with a tarp for shade were only a few feet away from the crate in which she was imprisoned.  It is impossible to imagine the dog’s frantic desperation as, parched and dying an agonizing death, she could see shelter and smell the water she couldn’t reach.


Such unfathomable cruelty is not uncommon in today’s society.  The same week that Charles Bell (mug shot photo at left) went to court, a SC TV station reported that domestic violence (the police-response kind of violence) affects 3 out of every 100 households in Greenville and Spartanburg South Carolina!


On July 23rd a huge crowd showed up to hear Charles Bell plead that he loves animals, that it wasn’t his fault, and that the dog was “in the care of” his 15 year old son.


One court room spectator observed that Bell “is a worse human being than he is a father, but that ain’t sayin’ much for him.


We have omitted the name of the presiding judge who imposed a $1092 fine including court costs.  Bell was also given 30 days in jail, to be served on weekends.  The female judge ordered him to turn his other dog over to animal control.


The packed courtroom spilled into the hallway where many appeared on camera to voice their feelings about such horrific animal cruelty.


One lady said "That poor man, he needs some help!" to which a muscular black man said "He should get the same sentence he gave the dog."


The results of this case are indicative of a segment of society as warped as the defendant.  Bell is unlikely to pay the fine or serve a full sentence.  Given the docket overload and the permissive attitude of today’s judicial system will probably ignore the 'failure to pay' offense. So another deranged, dangerous person is free to walk the streets. Will it be a dog or a child killed next time?!!?


A woman spectator sobbed “Where was that boy’s mama?  That child is needin’ some help!” 


Indeed, one bystander speculated that the man’s son was also at risk.  The fact that the middle-aged black man could blame such an inhuman act on his son speaks volumes about his character.


Whether the 15-year old committed the crime or not, the father must have, should have, known about it.  Where are the child protective services?  Is the youngster in danger? has no answers because as of 30 days after this writing there still, are none...


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