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The GMO Food Controversy

We Are What We Eat


Eat Organic? Herbicides are now gene-spliced right into food crop seeds, bypassing pesticide regulations and this genetically modified steer photo shows shocking results, plus salmon VIDEO below.


October 2022 Update!

By Sue Beaulieu and Diane Amble


Plants and flowers have been “genetically modified” since the beginning of time. Natural selection via evolution creates its own survivors and hybrids. Man has added to the mix by creating genetically modified hybrids that yield stronger crops, prettier flowers and hardier flora.


Genetically Modified (GMO) bull will sire bigger steaks and more meat per pound of body weightThis Genetically Modified (GMO) bull will produce more meat per pound of body weight.  He is a graphic example of what genetic engineering can accomplish.  See Video Theater link below but first, learn what is so disturbing and unseen by consumers.  It starts with food crop seeds.


The herbicide resistant (Round Up Ready) seeds give farmers higher yield. The food industry has focused on feeding an ever expanding world population with affordable foods. But there are things we must take into consideration.


The original Round Up Ready seeds were developed by Monsanto. They include, but are not limited to, alfalfa, canola, corn, cotton, sorghum, soybeans, sugar beets and wheat.


 A glyphosate is spliced into genes of the seed so that farmers can continue to spray the crops with herbicides and pesticides without killing the food crop. Yes, there are federal and state regulations about how much herbicide and pesticide residues are allowed and yes, chemicals can and do runoff and enter our water supplies and some remain in the top soil. This contamination can affect each successive generation of crops.


Other companies are beginning to follow Monsanto’s lead and develop their own herbicide resistant crops. A search for “herbicide resistant” on the U.S. Patent website turned up over 11,700 hits. Genetically Modified Organisms are here to stay.


Food companies are a well-funded and powerful lobby. Guess what? They are against labeling food$ that contain GMO crops and point out labeling costs will be passed on to the consumer and food prices will continue to rise.


Pass The Pesticide Please

The question is: Are we not only ingesting the residue of poisonous chemicals when we eat GMO plants but part of the plant's new genetic makeup? After all, amino acids have been spliced and modified to resist Round Up and those amino acids are the building blocks of life.


Do such genetically modified plants provide all the necessary amino acid chains as would non-GMO crops?


Genetically Modified Corn reveals a kernnel of truthSome brands labeled “natural” actually use GMOs.  These include Arrowhead Mills, Breadshop, Celestial Seasonings, Health Valley and Cascadian Farms, to name a few. Further research indicates these companies are owned by and have principal stockholders like Entergy Nuclear, Exxon Mobil, Lockheed Martin, Merck, Monsanto, Pfizer, Philip Morris, Waste Management, Alcoa, Chevron, Dupont, McDonalds and Philip Morris.


In 2022 the meaning of "organic" has lost credibility with grocery shoppers.


What is true for human food also holds true for animal food. Read labels with new eyes and if you have questions, search authentic sites such as and contact the manufacturer with your questions and concerns.


Not So Sweet Information

You may be interested to know that Monsanto’s first big money making product was saccharin. Later came sulphuric acid, PCBs, DDT, aspartame, polyeurathanes and Agent Orange. As an aside Monsanto assisted in the development of the first nuclear weapons. They purchased Cargill’s and DeRuiter’s seed businesses. Monsanto is George Soros’s (Open Society Institute) second largest stock holding.


Many claim that Monsanto wants to own and patent all the seeds in the world. They are certainly rich and powerful enough to fulfill that goal. With a stable of well-paid and powerful attorneys, they have sued numerous small farmers for what they deem illegal use of their seeds.


 For instance, according to Monsanto, it is illegal for farmers to use seeds from the original contracted crop to plant a second year crop. They have even sued farmers when GMO plants are found on farms that have never bought a GMO seed - but seeds have blown onto farms by the wind, been deposited by bird droppings – even pollinated by bees that have been in a GMO field.


Another consequence of all this herbicide use and man-made herbicide resistant crops is that super weeds are emerging at an alarming scale. It stands to reason that someone will want to develop more potent poisons to control those weeds.


Dow Agrosciences has a new GM product that is based on a chemical that was a component of the Vietnam war defoliant, Agent Orange.


Monsanto Mystery Connections Unlabeled

Monsanto has friends in high places like the FDA/APHIS and many other government agencies. Some are ex-Monsanto employees and others have been given generous donation$. Margaret Miller, a Monsanto researcher wrote a “scientific” report about the safety of GMO foods. Shortly before the report submission, she left Monsanto and was hired by the FDA. Her first job? To determine whether or not to approve the report she wrote! The same happened regarding a report of whether rBGH milk should be labeled. Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto lawyer, who also worked for the FDA had that assignment.


GMO Feeds, Seeds, And Pet Food Labels

The solution to avoiding GMO foods is to buy organic foods, support your local farmers who proclaim to use non-GMO seeds. Get involved with the Local Food Movement in your area and find out where you can by organic, non-GMO foods. We the people need to send a message to the industrial food complex that we refuse to buy products that may damage our health. (Editor's note: These author-researchers were prophetic! In 2022 organic foods are big business and people are willing to pay more to protect themselves.)


Also be aware that there is currently no regulation in the pet food industry that requires labeling GMOs either. Buy foods labeled organic or GMO free.  Don’t be fooled by claims of “healthy", "natural", "premium" and "recommended by" on pet food labels.  Avoid soybeans, canola, corn, wheat and sugar from sugar beets as these crops have a high likelihood of containing GMOS. Contact the manufacturer if you are unsure. Many dog owners “feed raw” and prepare the food at home.


Genetically engineered modified corn can be harmful to human and animal healthThe compelling amount of information on genetically engineered corn is NOT sufficient to stop agribusiness from marketing it in 2018. It is in nearly 90% of processed human and pet foods unless labeled non-GMO.


Genetically modified corn is primarily engineered to be  poisonous to the insects that feed on it. We're told it is not meant for human consumption... that it is only fed to the cattle, poultry, and swine that we eat. This Agri-business logic is justified on the presumption that slaughter animals do not live long enough to be a health risk to the people or animals that consume them.


Quickest, easiest way to be sure what you and your dogs are eating is to go to the Nutrition Section which is grouped according to subject; corn, grapes, BARF, pre-biotics, byproducts, etc.


Here are just a few pet food products that contain highly questionable ingredients. We might expect it from the less expensive brands and store brands, but ALWAYS read the label before buying. Do not be fooled by persuasive advertising.


Science Diet / Hill's Prescription Diet Owned by Colgate Palmolive, Contains corn, corn Gluten Meal, wheat, soy, cellulose, dried Beet Pulp, meat, pork and chicken by-products, BHA/BHT, propyl gallate.


Purina - Makers of Beneful, Pro Plan, Purina ONE, Alpo, Dog/Cat Chow, Friskies, Fancy Feast, Purina Prescription Diets & More (Nestle) Contains corn, corn gluten meal, wheat, soy, sugar, propylene glycol, dried beet pulp, meat by-products, meat and bone meal, powdered cellulose, artificial colors, preservatives.


Pedigree (Mars Candy Bar Corporation) Contains Corn, Corn Gluten meal, wheat, dried beet pulp, meat by-products, GHA, GHT.


Whiskas (Mars Candy Bar Corporation) Contains essentially the bad ingredients above with the addition of ethoxyquin – used as a preservative and pesticide. It has been banned in human food because it is a carcinogen.


Iams / Iams Veterinary Formulas (Proctor and Gamble) The same ingredients as above, including the ethoxyquin.


Royal Canin / Medi-Cal (Mars Candy Bar Corporation)

This one has basically the same GMO type ingredients except ethoxyquin but it does have BHA and Propyl Gallate.


Include Fancy Feast Nestle Purina), Kibbles ‘n Bits (Del Monte), Cesar and Nutro (Mars Candy Bar Corporation) and Eukanuba (Proctor and Gamble) to this list.


Do the benefits of GE foods outweigh the possible health risks? You decide but our advice is that in the meantime, do your research, read labels and buy organic.


Noteworthy since this research article was published in 2013 and widely circulated on the internet and subsequently, facebook and other social media, dog food manufacturers have been economically forced to offer no-grain pet food products.


We also congratulate wise shoppers for the removal of many sub-standard dog food labels.


Further Reading: use your search engine as some of these reference articles have been moved or renamed. Deconstructing Monsanto | Monsanto vs. the World | The World According to Monsanto: Pollution, Corruption, and the Control of the World's Food Supply | The Seeds of Deception. EST 2002 © Jul. 2013-1581661882210



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