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HSUS Says No More Animals

Has your local judicial system been changed through animal rights judges who legislate in favor of mandatory neutering, outrageous license fees, and pet limit laws?


August 2016 update

Teresa Crisman, Morningstar Miniature Schnauzers


Dogs see into the human soul. Does he trust you?  Does he fear Animal Rights groups, spay/neuter and Limit laws?Almost all Mandatory Spay-Neuter and Pet Limit Laws originated with HSUS, PETA, or SPCA. People like you and me, well-meaning people, stood by and let it happen until suddenly, we see how such laws have warped our Constitutional Rights, our personal freedom and lifestyle! Wayne Pacelle, vegan president of HSUS, has said he doesn't understand why people have pets.


Sure, it is hard to fight slick advertising using heart rending photos of abused, starving, pleading puppies, horses, and kittens. Those TV and magazine ads entice people to donate their time and $39.99 a month. Hearts (and $$$) go out to the Humane Society of the U.S. with which to fund those mandatory spay and neuter laws and pet limits.  Breeders don’t have a big budget to refute the HSUS media blitz. AKC's entire operating budget is less than HSUS's animal rights publicity budget, yet AKC spends $millions on canine health research.


HSUS spends not a penny except on advertising for more money and on lobbying for more restrictive laws.{1}  Neither HSUS nor PETA owns a single shelter, nor do they actually physically care for any animal.


HSUS, PETA, or a local SPCA mob swoops in, takes footage that is edited to be presented for your donating pleasure, all the while benefiting not one animal. Then they leave the animals and the entire cost for the local shelters and rescues to absorb.


HSUS wanted Michal Vick's fighting pitbulls destroyed but a good judge denied that and the dogs were spayed and neutered, rehabilitated and placed in loving homes by a real rescue. Then, in a supreme irony,  using donations from pet lovers, Vick’s reputation was rehabilitated by HSUS. Do you remember that? The Humane Society of The U.S. judged the dogs unworthy of any effort or help effort Michael Vick became a (paid) spokesman for HSUS.


Here’s how HSUS and these animal rights groups are changing our judicial system.  Let's examine the three ordinances Animal Right's groups push relentlessly on the unsuspecting public:


PET LIMIT LAWS are blatantly unconstitutional. Make no mistake, animals are property, not people. A rat does NOT equal your child, as Ingrid Newkirk, the president of PETA has stated. Limit laws make no sense. I know people who have a dozen dogs. They are well taken care of, well behaved and their neighbors rarely know they are there whereas we all know people with one dog who lets it run free and bark all night. Limit laws are obviously not meant to control noise or animal abuse since those problems have laws against them already. What are they for then? To eventually eliminate all domestic pets through outrageous license fees and mandatory spay and neuter laws. Numbers mean nothing, care means everything.


MANDATORY SPAY/NEUTER: It is proven that spaying and neutering before puberty have detrimental health effects on dogs. It affects joints, ligaments, growth and even the very chemistry of the brain. Spaying or neutering does not 'save' a dog from anything but growing up.


Spay and Neuter to control overpopulation? Well yes. That would surely eliminate dogs and cats. In the meantime, small dogs and cute puppies are shipped across country from one shelter to another. Some shelters and rescues actually follow newspaper classifieds and troll the local flea markets, “rescuing” merchandise to sell to the public. One shelter bragged about a profit of over a million dollars last year!  Other animal shelters import cute puppies from off offshore. Other countries!! They are frequently disease ridden or anti-social but available for 'adoption' by an unsuspecting family. This practice is great for animal rights veterinarians, members of the Human Society Veterinary Medical Assoc., HSUS, or HSVMA. {2}


Here’s something to think about: The number of loose dogs has dramatically dropped since the 1970's but the amount of dogs and cats in shelters rise dramatically after implementation of a mandatory spay and neuter law! Low income families can’t afford the surgery which today is outrageously expensive because it is mandated. What a racket! And how sad for dogs to lose a good home because of a profit-motivated unfair, arguably illegal law. 


Animals peer into the soul of man. What does your dog see?


LICENSE FEES AND CITY REGISTRATION laws are a personal property tax on your animals plain and simple. Veterinarians are required to report every dog or cat that comes in to their office, thereby violating your right to privacy. That also means people are afraid to obtain health care for their pet so you can see what that law does to animals. Once the law requires licensing of property, its possession becomes illegal without that pet license.


Don’t let HSUS, PETA, or SPCA use spay/neuter and Limit Laws to subvert the American ConstitutionThink about that a minute. Now the kitten you started feeding because it was starving has made you a criminal instead of a kind hearted soul. This makes no sense, unless your ultimate goal is No Domestic Animals.


SEARCH AND SEIZURE! What you don't know is once you obtain that city or county “dog tag” license, you give animal control, or HSUS as AC’s designated representative, the right to search your property without a warrant. No need for a judge to sign a warrant “for cause” no, any piddling reason will do and they can search your property. Notice the 'designated representative' part. That could mean anyone and I do mean any type of person. Not home? No problem! They can legally break down your front door. See Little Minded Littleton{3}


Animal abuse and neglect is already illegal under the FEDERAL Animal Welfare Law(s) and by State laws (see Legislation section) already enacted. All new animal-related legislation takes away our constitutional rights and we are letting it happen. The HSUS President/CEO is winning. There will be No More Animals, domestic or otherwise, unless we take action to stop the animal “rights” legislation that takes away our American heritage, our Rights, and our animals.


Your dog is looking at you. What will you do?


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